Now I Hate The Patriots Even More

Seriously, how stupid do they think we are? Do they really think the Google hasn’t hit Connecticut? Maybe it’s not Connecticut that doesn’t understand!

Over at the TV station Tina Detelj had a sad story of disappointment in Lebanon, Connecticut Wednesday afternoon. An explainer first, then part of the story you probably haven’t heard.

From Picture this – a hundred students waiting in the Lebanon Middle School gymnasium for members of the New England Patriots. But what they got was disappointment.

They thought they’d be rewarded with visits from Patriots players for taking part in an NFL-sponsored program, but it didn’t turn out that way.

The Middle School students had participated in the NFL’s “Fuel Up to Play 60” program. Literature had promised the winner “celebrity coaches.” Instead an intern came with a video.

Let me hit pause for a second. I dislike the Patriots. I’m not talking as an NFL fan, but as a Connecticut resident.

Robert Kraft played our state and specifically our then soon to be convict governor as rubes. He promised us the Patriots in order to exact a better deal from Massachusetts. Kraft walked away from his deal with us when he got what he really wanted.

Though I never believed the Pats would come (and told anyone who’d listen what extra piece of anatomy I’d grow if they did come) what Kraft did is still inexcusable. Blank him.

Where were we? Stick with me because I promise a payoff.

Tina’s story (and similar ones on other TV stations plus the original reporting of Paul Petrone in the Norwich Bulletin) embarrassed both the Dairy Council who sponsored the whole thing and of course the Patriots. Tonight the Pats issued a statement.

From A spokesperson for the Patriots told News 8 the reason there were no players or coaches here in this gymnasium is because the term ‘celebrity coaches’ actually refers to a local celebrity like the principal of the school, a mayor, or a DJ acting as a coach for the work out which was done here. It’s a miscommunication the Patriots say they will try to straighten out.

Repeating–I don’t like the Patriots. I don’t trust the Patriots. That’s why I went to Google News and searched “NFL’s “Fuel Up to Play 60″ school player”

  • Today, Agriculture Secretary Vilsack joined Washington, DC, schoolchildren and National Football League (NFL) Washington Redskins players Malcolm Kelly and Reed Doughty at the U.S. National Arboretum
  • San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was all smiles Friday morning. Why wouldn’t he be? The 49ers have his back. While interim general manager Trent Baalke, coach Mike Singletary and other 49er brass were in New York on Thursday night for the first round of the NFL draft, Smith was here, preparing for a Van Gorder Elementary School assembly Friday morning.
  • Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada has teamed up with Alex Smith, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, in a campaign to fight childhood obesity. The campaign, known as Fuel Up to Play 60, is part of a national initiative to promote healthy eating and physical activity by the National Football League and National Dairy Council. Alex Smith joined students at Brockbank Junior High during a school assembly to share the benefits and importance of eating right, exercising, and being prepared.
  • Packed into Holy Savior Elementary School’s gym Friday afternoon, nearly 300 students fidgeted with barely contained energy. They weren’t there for a lecture or an ordinary pep rally, but to hear from a Super Bowl champion. Thomas Morstead, a punter for the New Orleans Saints, talked with the students about the importance of exercise and proper diet before he was mobbed by students and adults for autographs and pictures

Seriously, how stupid do they think we are? Do they really think the Google hasn’t hit Connecticut? Maybe it’s not Connecticut that doesn’t understand!

Have I mentioned how I feel about the Pats?

3 thoughts on “Now I Hate The Patriots Even More”

  1. Basically, I’m somewhat surprised that you are surprised that the Patriots, (or any other pro sports team) behave like this. They are in it for the money, period. Fans are the source of that money, and IMHO, that’s the only interest the pro teams have in them–extracting as much money as possible. I haven’t fallen for that scam.

    I’ve only met ONE Pro sports player personally that exemplified the sportsmanship and appreciation for fans that we all seem to expect.

    I was in New Jersey many, many years ago when the Dallas Cowboys came to the hotel I was trying to stay at. Tom Landry cam in first–the outdoor chill seemed to follow him, as he was all business, and had his game face, and hat on. Scary, intense guy.

    As the team entered, ‘Too-tall Jones’ stopped in the lobby to sign autographs and talk to the many kids that were there to meet them. I overheard him telling the group of kids that he had to go eat dinner, and that he would be back in a few minutes to talk to them and sign more autographs.

    Based on the actions of the rest of the team, I was admittedly cynical about that statement. I was totally gobsmacked when Jones came back out of the dining room less than 20 minutes later, found a place to sit, and continued talking to the kids and signing autographs. He truly appreciated his fans, and took the time (at least for another hour that I was in the lobby) to do what he said he would do. I watched most of the other players totally blow off the fans, and vanish into the hotel.

    There are a few of them out there that appreciate the folks that support what they do. Unfortunately, most teams and players are NOT like that. I’m just glad I don’t get worried about stuff like that, because it just isn’t in my interests to follow any pro sports, period.

    It’s really sad that this kind of stuff happens. What kind of a lesson are we teaching our kids?

  2. Bless you Geoff Fox!

    “Robert Kraft played our state and specifically our then soon to be convict governor as rubes.”

    Not just Rowland, but the entire legislature to boot.

    You might recall CT holds the speed record for introducing, passing and signing legislation in their collective efforts to win the Pats; while Kraft smiled and lied to us.

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