The Weather Is Sad

I looked down at the ‘carmometer’ as I drove to work. 48&#176! Seriously, it isn’t March, it’s May. 48&#176 is the height of underachievment!

I’ve been putting off posting on the blog today. I was hoping something good would happen worthy of writing, but no–weather trumps all! This is a sad day weatherwise.

Driving to work I looked down at the ‘carmometer.’. 48&#176!

Seriously it isn’t March. It’s May. 48&#176 is the height of underachievment!

Yesterday on TV I asked viewers to let me know if they liked this kind of weather. Just two responses and actually neither of them like the weather in the abstract.

One, a runner, said it was good training weather except for the rain. The other said it was good this didn’t come on the weekend. Neither was exactly praising Mother Nature’s efforts.

My conclusion: No one likes this weather!

As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more fatalistic. There are no replacement days. This is like runway behind the plane. Once it’s gone it’s gone.

The slug on this post is “The Weather Is Sad.” Maybe a better characterization would be to say it’s depressing. It’s certainly depressing me.

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