Big Storm Drive Home

There were torrential downpours with those gigundo drops that splatter as large blobs when they crash into your windshield.

Big Storm Drive Home, originally uploaded by geoff_fox.

What a strange night. The air stabilized after sunset and the radar was full of ground clutter. That’s a very unusual setup for thunderstorms to pop up–but they did!

Though I didn’t see any small hail that wouldn’t surprise me.

4 thoughts on “Big Storm Drive Home”

  1. Geoff….apparently there were some big thunder storms that rolled through OS last night around 2am…..I must have been REAL tired…did not hear a thing…even with the windows open!!

  2. Geoff: Went to bed last night after hearing you say you were taking the “Thunderstorms out of the weather forecast for CT.”

    Awoke this morning to a broken canopy on our sun deck from high winds and water that seeped into our basement area from the garage. Unfortunately we went to sleep thinking we did not have to be vigilant about battening down the hatches from your weather forecast. What happened?

  3. Good question Ed and I wish I had a great answer. This storm acted as if it hadn’t been briefed on the laws of physics! It sprung up from an atmospheric setup typically so stable it eats thunderstorms alive much less lets them develop.

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