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It’s always a mother, aunt or grandmother who loves me. It’s never a cousin who went astray and became an ‘adult entertainer.

I’m currently answering all your questions. Read more about it here.

Claudia has a tough one. “Are you as personable in “real” life as you are in “cyber” life? As in, if you say came into my job as a customer (I work @ Lowes) and I said “Hi, I’m one of your FB friends.”…would you give me the time of day?”

Claudia, you should ask the folks at Lowes on Route 80 in New Haven where I’ve shopped. I would like to think the answer is yes.

I am very approachable and like to schmooze with people. If you see me, please say hello. Yes, I’d be thrilled to take a photo with you or write a note to your aunt&#185.

It is your viewership that has afforded me a very nice career. I’m not a fool. I never forget I’ve got nothing without you.

There are a few things you shouldn’t do. Around twenty years ago a family had their two young sons follow me to the mens room to see if it was me. Don’t do that!

Don’t tell me you wish you had a job where you could be right half the time and still get paid. It’s hurtful. I’ll think you’re a jerk, probably with a tiny penis. OK?

I once blew off a guy who tried to chat me up as I was rushing into the hospital to see my dad. This guy probably still thinks I’m a schmuck. What can you do?

Like everyone I have bad nights. If you catch me on one or have caught me on one I apologize.

Let me admit it. I always wanted to be on-the-air (first radio, then TV) because I hoped it would make me well known. That’s early insecurity speaking. A lot of people are in the public eye for just that reason. I made a promise to myself that if I got my wish I would always make sure to show my gratitude.

&#185 – Note: It’s always a mother, aunt or grandmother who loves me. It’s never a cousin who went astray and became an ‘adult entertainer.’

3 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything–The Real Me”

  1. :o) Nice! That being said…if you’re ever in Wallingford, you have a friend in the paint/blinds dept!

  2. This past winter, I saw Geoff come into a local restaurant along with Noah Finz and Ann Nyberg. Having been a regular reader of his blog for so long, I just felt compelled to introduce myself after he had finished chatting with some other folks in the restaurant, but before he sat down to eat. The idea was to not be a nuisance, but just say a quick hello. He was gracious and friendly, and while I was apprehensive about taking up too much of his time, nothing in his demeanor suggested anything other than the conviviality we see on the air and in this blog. (Thank you, Geoff!)

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