Ask Me Anything–Are You Related To Dr. Mel?

Mel tells me Arlene gets upset when people ask–as well she should

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Here’s a question I get all the time. It comes from Andy. “Geoff…What is your relationship with Mel Goldstein?”

The rumor started a few years ago. People began saying Dr. Mel was my father-in-law! I have no idea how it got started.

Nope. Not true. Dr. Mel and his wife Arlene have two daughters, but they’re married to others.

Mel tells me Arlene gets upset when people ask–as well she should. She’s much too young to be my mother-in-law!

I’ve known Mel since I came to Connecticut. Early on we had a rocky relationship. That’s been behind us for a very long time and we get along famously. Our skill sets are different and each is willing to help the other–and we often do! Dr. Mel even came to the JDRF Gala to present me with my award.

Thirteen years ago Mel was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer. He never accepted that diagnosis. There is a lot to learn about life from Dr. Mel!

He realized early on he had to be his own advocate to get the treatment he needed. Dr. Mel became an expert in multiple myeloma so he could help guide his own care. When he heard of groundbreaking research at a hospital in Arkansas Dr. Mel called and spoke to the lead researcher. After a lengthy conversation the voice on the other end asked, “Dr. Goldstein, are you a physician?”

Though his cancer is currently responding to treatment it’s an ongoing battle. The disease itself has caused irreparable harm to his spine and back and left him a half foot shorter and in near constant pain.

Instead of kvetching Mel has dedicated himself to helping others with cancer. He’s raised a fortune for research, lectured and personally counseled others often giving hope to those who’ve lost theirs.

When my friend Kevin discovered he had pancreatic cancer Dr. Mel called heavy hitters at home in the middle of the 4th of July weekend. This way Kevin would have the best treatment as soon as possible. I’ll never forget that kindness.

You could do worse than having Mel and Arlene as your in-laws.

2 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything–Are You Related To Dr. Mel?”

  1. Dr. Mel is a inspiration to me. The courage and determination he has shown through all of this is nothing short of super-human.

  2. Thanks Geoff, I, too, cannot believe Dr. Mel has the courage he has. I wish I could be half the person he is It kind of put my problems in perspective.

    Andy Bednarik .

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