Stef’s Birthday

“Twenty one is a cute age,” says Stef. She was 21 when she was 19. She was 21 at 21. She is 21 today. It makes life simpler and cuter.

Yesterday was Stef’s birthday. That’s the reason for our trip and the focus of yesterday’s event including our drive to Malibu. She was 23. However, if you ask she will tell you she’s 21.

“Twenty one is a cute age,” says Stef. She was 21 when she was 19. She was 21 at 21. She is 21 today. It makes life simpler and cuter.

I’m less hip and happening than I’d like, but I do know (at least here in SoCal) birthday cake is out. Birthday cupcakes are in!

Helaine ordered Stef’s before leaving Connecticut. We got them from two separate cupcakeries: Sprinkles in Beverly Hills and Unicorn Magic Bakery (actually in a private home) on the far opposite side of town! The cupcakes from both places were very good but the icing was amazing. I think there are a few left.

Dinner last night was at “The Ivy” on North Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles. We’ve been going there for around ten years since my former agent suggested it.

We’ve seen it get hot, become a celebrity and hangout and then mature. Stef, who knows this stuff, says it’s not the celebrity magnet it once was. Our biggest get was Marcus Schenkenberg (there with a willowy blond woman)… which is not really a get&#185.

The Ivy was only half full last night, probably because the Lakers NBA playoff game conflicted.

We sat outside surrounded by ivy covered walls and an ivy covered trellis. Propane heaters were scattered about eliminating any sign of nighttime chill.

As opposed to most trendy chi chi restaurants The Ivy has large portions. I had the lasagna which was very good and preceded by the best, hottest sourdough roll I’ve ever eaten. The five of us shared a single symbolic piece of cake. Coffee is served in a cup the size of a small hot tub!

Before dinner everyone at the table ordered drinks. The waiter looked at Stef and asked if she was 21? “It’s her 23rd birthday today,” someone said. In Los Angeles that was proof enough.

Normally I’d sprinkle some Ivy photos here. In deference to the restaurant’s aura and so not to embarrass my child Clicky stayed in the hotel room. Maybe I should have brought a courtroom sketch artist?

&#185 – Celeb tally for this trip: none for me. Stef and Helaine bowled next to Ray Romano and saw Brian Grazer at Cross Creek yesterday afternoon. They say he looked like a man wanting to be noticed.

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  1. Happy (belated) birthday, Stef!!

    Wish I’d known you were still in town, I would’ve invited you to be my guests at our show at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood last night. I think you all would enjoy my employer’s music.

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