Sherrod/Breitbart–Each Others’ Worst Nightmare

Breitbart picked a fight with someone racists don’t think exists. And, of course, that is the weakness of racism. It’s a philosophy built without benefit of truth.

I want to talk briefly about Shirley Sherrod. Her mistreatment by the press and government has been despicable. That being said, if I had been in a decision making position I’m not sure I would have acted differently. That troubles me.

Most of us are willing to rush to judgement when we see documentary proof of a believable event (and sometimes even a non-believable event like Breitbart’s doctored ACORN video where characters straight out of Super Fly ask how to break the law without getting caught). It’s sad.

Here’s the weakness in the system. When Andrew Breitbart presented the Sherrod video everyone assumed he had vetted it. Breitbart was already a lightning rod for left wing criticism. He wouldn’t dare lie on a controversial matter.

Underestimation! As it turns out he hadn’t vetted the video and as subsequent reporting has shown he’s not above lying&#185.

Luckily for all of us Shirley Sherrod wasn’t the person Breitbart said she was. She was the opposite! In the interviews I’ve seen she comes off as level headed, sincere and well spoken. She is a racist’s worst nightmare!

Breitbart picked a fight with someone racists don’t think exists. And, of course, that is the weakness of racism. It’s a philosophy built without benefit of truth.

In the end Breitbat was the one blindsided. Good.

Will this episode start a new dialog about race? Maybe. That part is tough to predict.

Undoubtedly this is the end of Andrew Breitbart as an on-camera interview and source. Thank God for small favors. He’ll still have influence behind the scenes, but that’s just not the same and he knows it.

It is that realization and not guilt over what he did that’s made him look so bitter the past few days.

&#185 – Even if you allow Breitbart might not have originally known about the video’s editing he did later say, “the audience was laughing and applauding as she described how she maltreated the white farmer,” which of course is totally untrue.

6 thoughts on “Sherrod/Breitbart–Each Others’ Worst Nightmare”

  1. Sometimes issues like this are th only way to get soemthing fully vetter.

    Breitbart is a scum who should not be allowed to film or do interviews anymore for reputable publications. Maybe he can do to the National Enquirer – LOL.

    Shirley Sherrod was wronged. I hope she can look past what has happened (a tall order) and pick things up where they were.

  2. Thank you for writing about this. Your point of view that Sherrod is Breitbart’s worst nightmare and thus a huge mistake for him to have gone after is a great way to look at this really embarrassing event.

  3. Here’s the problem I run into with this.

    1) yea I concede that Breitbart spends most of his time trying to find dirt to throw at political opponents. In the end you’ll either love him or hate him, I don’t view him as any less credible than the comparable left wing blog site media matters.

    2) The one thing that I find odd about this whole story is that this video is from an NAACP event. The NAACP has the entire uncut copy of this video however when the edited version was released, they initially came out condemning Sherrod themselves, like the rest of the administration at the time. Why they wouldn’t have pulled out the uncut copy and came to her defense to begin with seems suspicious to me.

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