I’m More Highly Defined

Almost nothing that worked in an analog standard definition world works in a digital high definition world.

Yesterday was the day we switched to high definition at work. We’d already been passing network programming that way. Now nearly everything that originates inside our building is in high def too.

It wasn’t a painless transition. No one expected it would be. All things considered it went pretty well.

Because we were still on-the-air with our old control room some equipment couldn’t be tested fully until we made the final switch and things went to the transmitter. 99% of yesterdays problems should be solved today.

What most people, myself included, are stunned by is we needed to change virtually every piece of equipment! Almost nothing that worked in an analog standard definition world works in a digital high definition world. Runs of coaxial cable were pulled out and replaced by digital “Cat5” cable.

Our equipment room with its own air conditioning system and rack upon rack upon rack of gear is now loaded with PCs. The majority of our new equipment is powered by reasonably standard PCs configured for special use.

As a techno guy it’s all pretty exciting to see. Much of what I knew about how TV works is now wrong! Systems I understood thoroughly have been replaced. The learning begins again.

Do you really want to see me that clearly?

3 thoughts on “I’m More Highly Defined”

  1. Hey, I don’t mind seeing you clesarly–what I have toruble with is the mirror in my bathroom that I see ME too clearly in….

  2. No worries Geoff, my old tv’s still work fine…so hd means nothing in this house. It is bad enough my husband can watch westerns 24/7 on cable….all I hear when he is home is CA POW CA POW…horses whinning….and indians…
    Cool pic of the control room….no wonder it gets hot in there….. with all that equipment!!
    Some day, and hopefully not in the near future, I will get an hd tv…but not until I see smoke and a blank screen! ;o)

  3. Hey Geoff,
    I’ve noticed that I’m not getting the full width of News8. It still looks like it’s being broadcast in SD. Just wondering if new the scoop on that or is it just me?
    FYI, I have AT&T U-verse. Would that make a difference?
    Your technical expertise is always appreciated!

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