Saving The Day For The Woman Who Drew My Blood

“That shouldn’t be,” she said. I didn’t think so either.

Blood work! Ugh. It’s part of getting older. I never liked it. Nowadays I can at least tolerate it.

Because I take statins for my cholesterol I have my blood checked regularly… like today. I headed to the lab in the basement of a small office building in the center on my town.

As I walked in Angie the phlebotomist/technician looked up.

“I’m so glad you’re here. You’re a godsend.”

Uh oh. I looked back to make sure she wasn’t talking to someone else. Nope it was me. I figured there was a weather question coming. Nope again.

Angie began to tell me the story of a car she’d bought from a used car dealer in Naugatuck. Everything was fine for the first month, then it began to lose power. The dealer would fix it, but they said Angie would be on the hook for the sensor that had seemingly gone south!

“That shouldn’t be,” she said.

I didn’t think so either, so I pulled out my iPhone went online and found the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. Not their problem, but they had a link to the DMV who does handle auto dealer repair disputes. Angie’s $10,000 car should have been covered a minimum of 60 days.

I’m sending an email to Angie with the iPhone screencap and a little note. The dealer should do the right thing. If not I’ll ask the station to help. We’ve been doing a lot of stories where “We’ve Got Your Back.”

After Angie found my vein (second try) and extracted my blood I asked why I was asked to help? After all I’m just the weatherman. Angie told me she’d watched me for years and knew I was intelligent. She knew I could find the answer.

God bless you Angie. You made my month. I am so glad I could help.

One thought on “Saving The Day For The Woman Who Drew My Blood”

  1. You are a good person, Geoff, and you were able to find some information for Angie that will allow her to “arm herself” to fight back against the dealer. The dealer is on the hook and is ignoring the law.

    Mike Boguslowski must have rubbed off on you a bit…LOL

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