While I Play The Tournament

I am playing in the 7:00 PM poker tournament at The Venetian. We started tonight with 80 players. There are still at least 70 left after 90 minutes.

Tournaments are different than ‘live’ play. There is a different strategy involved. The goal here is survival plain and simple.

At this hotel poker tournaments are pushed out of the poker room into a reclaimed area that used to hold and is still surrounded by slots.

The area is very noisy. At once you’re hearing bass (no midrange or high end) from a nearby lounge, song snippets from the slots, piped in rock and the clicking of the chips. It’s difficult to concentrate.

The top nine cash out. Number nine doubles his money. First place gets about twenty times his buy-in, but
this tournament has another five hours to go!

It would be nice if it was me surviving to the end.

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