Who Are The Recurring Actors On TV Commercials?

We all watch commercials. Recently there have been a bunch with recurring characters. I was interested in seeing who played whom. And here they are.

We all watch commercials. You can’t avoid them (you can’t DVR users… you just can’t). Recently there have been a bunch with recurring characters. I was interested in seeing who played whom. And here they are…

Flo: Stephanie Courtney

She is a comedienne and member of the Groundlings, an LA based improv group. Wikipedia says, “It takes an hour for Flo’s hair to be prepared, and another hour for her makeup to be applied.” Removing beauty doesn’t come easy!

The World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World (Nationwide): Bob Wiltfong

I have already written how this series of commercials is like chalk on a blackboard to me. Bob Wiltfong is a comedian and alum of The Daily Show, though I don’t remember him. His IMDB entry lists few credits like playing Executive #1 on a 30 Rock episode. I’m guessing his income really spiked in 2010.

Have I mentioned how annoying I find this character? Good.

Verizon Test Guy: Paul Marcarelli

These commercials aren’t currently running, but since he’s from North Haven it only seemed fair to mention him. In April the NY Times reported him selling his 2-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village for $1.255 million. Things can’t be too bad.

He’d better not have an iPhone!

GEICO boss: Brian Carney

Brian Carney is Art Carney’s son! I really don’t think I need to add anything beyond that… not that I could. He has a sparse IMDB entry and no Wikipedia listing. I’ve read a few news stories that say he does mostly voice work. For sure he has a distinctive voice.

GEICO Gecko: Jake Wood

Jake Wood is a British actor who has worked steadily including nearly 500 episodes of the EastEnders. He’s unrecognizable here… except by voice. I guess he’s more recognizable than Brian Carney.

10 thoughts on “Who Are The Recurring Actors On TV Commercials?”

  1. Hey Geoff,

    Amusing stuff! I have a good friend who was FLO for Halloween this year.

    I’m writing to you this way because I was unable to find your email address, but I’m wondering if you could send me yours…. a couple of years ago you had sent me a PM on a popular media forum. It appears that through this post, you’ll have access to my email address.

    You had once asked me to post a story on a website about “celebrity sightings”… I wanted to follow-up with you about that.

    Have a great night.

    – potentially the only other meteorologist “Geoff” in commercial TV, at least in the States….

  2. Oh wow, thank you for revealing the face behind the Gecko!! I’ve been wondering who that is. 🙂

    A friend of mine who went to SUNY Binghamton said something to me once about going to college with Stephanie Courtney, FWIW.

    Bob Wiltfong was on The Daily Show for a minute. He wasn’t very good, as I recall.

  3. Amica insurance has a TV ad where a geeky type girl has just finished updating rates, and a male comes on doing a rap version, and the geeky girl says “everyone has your profile”

    I saw a new ad for Metamucil, looks like the same girl. Also an ad for an unknown brand of doggy treatm where this same girl is sitting on a bench feeding the dog.

    They all look like the same girl, except the Amica ad she has pony tails coming out from the side, the other ads show straight hair.

    Any idea who this new face is??

    Thanks, Jim T.

    I glad to have Fox on Fox!

    1. I was wrong on the insurance company, it Esurance. The girl in question is called “Joey” the Tech by Esurance.
      I did some more research and found the person’s name is Suzi Barrett. And it does show her in the other ads. She also did one for 1800dentist. Answered my own question.

  4. Just saw Brian Carney on a Metro North commuter train this morning heading into New York for an audition. Wasn’t sure it was him, but then heard that voice. No doubt.

  5. Does anyone know who the dad (with the cast on his arm) is on the new Aflac Rapping Pigeon commercial?
    He’s also in an Eggo commercial where he’s a dad who’s flexing his arms at the dinner table. I see this guy in a lot of commercials and it’s driving me crazy!

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