UPS And The Power Of Pajamas

“Really,” Helaine asked? She was smiling, but incredulous.

A little before 2:00 this afternoon the UPS truck pulled into my driveway. This time of year it’s staffed by two UPS men. The helper put a package on the stoop and rang the bell. Before he could leave I opened the door. I was still in pajamas.

We talked about the brutal cold for a moment then the driver asked if it was OK for them to ring the bell? Did it wake me?

I said “no” and walked back inside.

“Really,” Helaine asked? She was smiling, but incredulous.

The implication was this was a question asked of TV-boy which wouldn’t be asked of others. She thinks I’m spoiled.

OK, she knows I’m spoiled.

4 thoughts on “UPS And The Power Of Pajamas”

  1. Did you mean, “No, it’s not okay to ring the bell” or “No, I was awake?” When our child was an infant I had to disable the doorbell.

  2. The sound of the doorbell ringing on my motel owner’s apartment door makes me sick. I have a security camera in my bedroom but, I can never make it in time to avoid the damaging ringing of the doorbell reverberating in my head. lol.

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