Of All I’ve Received: The Email

Over the past few days I’ve gotten a boatload of emails and comments. I read every one. I have tried to keep up with answering, but know I’ve come up short.

Over the past few days I’ve gotten a boatload of emails and comments. I read every one. I have tried to keep up with answering, but know I’ve come up short. Earlier I wrote about touching people’s lives and being in their memories. Then I got this.

Mr. Fox,

I am a senior in high school and, to be completely honest, I don’t often watch your weather forecast. But I saw the story in the Register, joined the Facebook group, visited your blog, and was immediately impressed. This is not because I am a science geek, for I am not. This is not because I am interested in journalism, for I am not. This is simply because your writing oozed personality and character, and I recognized that this is something that is increasingly rare. Then, when I watched you apologize for a simple forecast, I knew immediately that you will become one of the people I will look to when shaping my adult life. Heck, you already are.

I am sitting here writing this email with glassy eyes, though I will not pretend to be able to imagine what’s going through your head. I am not angry at anyone, and I am sure weather.com will still tell me weather (get it?) to wear a jacket or a speedo. But one thing is for sure; starting in February, television will be a little less classy.

This is going to sound weird but I’ve got no pain from what I’m going through because of emails like this. I’m speechless.

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  1. Awww! You absolutely shouldn’t have pain over this. I think it’s an opportunity for you to shine! I’m a college student, and barely watched the news until a few years ago, but News8 quickly became my favorite station, and I realize now, it’s mostly because you’re there!! I watch from 5-6:30 and 10pm as often as I can, so you quickly became part of my routine! Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading you’re facebook updates, and your blog, and I would really be devestated if you didn’t return to CT tv after this. I pray you go to another CT station, because the others absolutely lack class, character, and the “realness” that you offer. Hang in there Geoff! CT loves you! 🙂

    1. One of the things I missed when we left CT was your part of the News program. Good thing I left CT, because I would have stopped whating 8. Come to PA!Best Wishes!

  2. It must be such a Great feeling to have so positively impacted this young person’s life!! Now multiply that by Thousands!! You continue to do a wonderful job, and hope you’ll continue to bring us the weather (as only you can do!), whether its Ch. 8, or another local TV station. We’ve got You covered! Keep us posted, and Good luck!

  3. Oh, how you will be missed, Geoff! When someone has been “in” your family room at dinnertime for 26 years, it’s hard to imagine a time when they won’t be there anymore. We all just hope that this will somehow be turned around:(

  4. So sorry to hear of this needless drama. Thought it may not help please know that you are an asset to the station and I think everything happens for a reason. Show them and get a science show. You are bigger than a mere weatherman! And entertaining!!!

  5. Geoff,

    I am not sure if you are aware of this but WBZ radio in Boston tried the same thing with some very popular on air personalities. They ended up bring them back !!!!!! I live in Thompson and my wife keeps telling me I should watch Channel 5 in Boston for news weather and sports. I always tell her NO. I guess I am not alone. 5000+ “fans” have commented, it must mean something.

  6. Geoff,
    This teenager sums up what I’ve been feeling as well. Your professionalism over the past couple of days has been amazing and inspiring. I’m 35 years old and can’t remember a time when I haven’t seen you on TV. You’ve a trusted source in my family and will be sorely missed. Truly Channel 8 is making a HUGE mistake.
    It’s been a very turbulent and uncertain time at my workplace and, this might sound strange, but your actions over the past couple of days have given me courage and comfort. I know weird, but true.
    Best of luck.

  7. Geoff, what those idiots did to you, they will regret one day. Where one door closes another one opens. You are talent personified, a true professional and just plain enjoyable to watch. I wish you all the best and am sure you won’t be unemployed for long!!

  8. This just proves again that no one has the slightest inclination the impact any of us make. We all go through our individual lives not realizing ho much we mean to everyone around us. It isn’t until we’re gone or are unceremoniously shown the door that we come to understand that we really did make a difference.

    You, Geoff have made a HUGE impact on so many people and you’re only now seeing a small number.


  9. Dave most certainly has a point.

    Geoff, we love you. And even us 20-somethings the station is trying to attract with this hideous new direction are disgusted by their actions pertaining to you. I’ve said this to you on Twitter (I’m @WrongImpression) and you said it made you feel old, but I’m almost 22 years old, and you have been on in my house since I was born, and obviously before that…point is, when your employer pulls a stunt like this, it feels like they’re firing a family member, and that is BEYOND uncool.

  10. Again, I post. I am in tears (really) – because you never know what you have until it is gone. That’s not to say the execs will be, however when their bottom line fails because they lost a great employee and what he meant to this state, maybe, just maybe they will reconsider. If not, I hope you land a spectacular job. When God closes a door, he opens a window…maybe this is what is happening. Being selfish, I personally don’t want to see you leave Connecticut Television. The young man that wrote that e-mail had to be humbling indeed. Of all the posts I have read on your blog, on the N.H. Registers story there are only a handful of jack asses. The rest are like nationwide…they’re on your side. Smile and go away knowing that you did more than your job…you impacted a whole state of viewers and that speaks volumes.

  11. What a lovely letter…it was written from the heart. It speaks volumes, Geoff.. and it speaks for all of us..

  12. This is really nice, Geoff. Making a positive impression on a high school student is very special. I am a LOT older than that person, but I understand how he feels. I loved the line “Starting in February television will be a little less classy.”…And warm and humorous, I must add.

  13. What a wonderful letter Geoff……and the truth! It’s not just us baby boomers who love you….You have touched many lives…and will continue to do so….I am sure of it!

  14. It doesn’t surprise me that WTNH does things like this. I can’t understand how they get away with treating their employees that way. After all those years of dedication they let Geoff go. I am sick of that station and will no longer watch the news on channel 8. People need to write to the executives that run that station and tell them they won’t be tuning in anymore. We are sick of how they treat people. Geoff Fox is an icon to the news station and has done a great job. The public really need to call the station or write with support of Geoff Fox and keep him on.

  15. Smart kid ! At 17 he has not idea of the changes WTNH has made through the years…….Remember Bob Norman? I do !! But, he is absolutely right ….. television will be a little less classy without you in it Geoff .

  16. Unbelievable and inconceivable. We have lived in the area for 14 years and have come to depend on your weather forecasts at night. Quite honestly, what are they thinking?

    Too bad the equipment is probably too expensive or you could set up your own internet based weather broadcasts.

    I hope this gets undone and turns iout to be nothing but a bad dream. We live on the outside but you are on the inside and you have our best wishes for a favorable outcome. Give your wife a bug hug because at the end of the day – she is number one!

  17. Geoff,we will truly miss you. Your manner in presenting the weather is more than just watching the weather, you get us, your viewers, involved, and treat us as a participant. You have touched our lives, and will follow you where ever you go.
    Your personality touches all of us, each time you present the weather to us.
    You are truly a great human being, who will missed very much.
    We love you and hope to see you soon, where ever you are.

  18. Geoff,

    What a loss to the station & Ct. I will miss your presence on the small screen. I will really miss all those fun and interesting facts you share, your self humor, and the genuine enthusiasm you have for your chosen field. I do wish you & your family all the best.

  19. I absolutely agree with your young fan, Geoff. I don’t know you personally, but I feel as if I do. This awful news did not reach me until today, but I am shocked! I am also among the many who have grown up with you in our living rooms and kitchens, watching the news and the weather. Aw, who I am I kidding, we only turn the news on FOR the weather! I can’t imagine channel 8 without you. I saw you speak when I was in high school, my journalism class traveled to Southern to hear you. I was so impressed by you. I still remember your stories about your early years in Buffalo and the incredible amount of snow they get there. Most of all, I remember laughing, with you. I recently re-watched your apology from last year about a big snow that never happened. I was so impressed at the time that aired. I thought, now there’s an honest man who can admit his mistakes. But really, Geoff, you are usually right on and the weather report just won’t be the same without you. I wish you luck, whether you get to stay with News 8 or if you move on.

  20. I am absolutely shocked that after 26 years you could have been wornged the way you were. It goes to show you that it doesnt pay to be a hard worker and a good honest person. I find Channel 8 and their actions to becowardly, low down and absolutely outrageous. What will we do without Geoff Fox….I know one thing for sure… I will be tuning into channel 3. There is no point in watching…channel 8 at 5 pm because honestly we tuned in to see you.

    I wish you the best and channel 8 doesnt desevr you.

    I hope they dont replace you with Teresa LaBarbara….because if they do….they should teach a woman on TV not to wear close 3 sizes too small which make her look like a stripper.

    Best to you Geoff you are the one and only!

    Sinceely forever fan
    Diane Campbell

  21. Geoff, I am active in the facebook campain. we will make 5000 supporters in next hour. Its not over till the fat lady sings

  22. Geoff,
    While I understand that business is business and companies protect their bottom line and all that, this is the most silly move WTNH has pulled yet. I find it hard to believe that the one person who has personality, wit and is smart as all get out would be someone they would let go. Im 30 years old and i have grown up watching WTNH, but over the past two or so years i watch WFSB ( which isnt even the correct area of the state for me!) because they actually report what is going on in OUR area faster and more accurately than WTNH. I dont even know how they do it, but WTNH has been slipping downward at a rapidly increasing rate. This just seals for me that i will never turn on WTNH again. You and darren are the best they have. hands down. maybe its a blessing in disguise that you will no longer have to be on this sinking ship. I wish you the best and thank you for all the years of service.

  23. Geoff:

    When you read this…the KEEP GEOFF FOX ON CHANNEL 8 facebook Page will be at 5,000 members. That’s in about 28 hours. Unbelievable!!!

    Last night you mentioned you were “humbled” by 2600+. What about 5000 and growing….the goal is 10,000 by Saturday.

  24. Geoff,

    I just read that email you posted and it was so refreshing to read something so eloquently written about someone so eloquent and distinguised.

    You have alot of supporters. Best wishes….

  25. Dear Geoff:

    I am deeply saddened by the news of your not staying with Chnnel 8 News. I have been watching you and have thought of you as a part of the family watching you every night for the past 26 years now. I find this to be just a disrespect, a act of cowards, and an inexcusable decision when you are so valued through your fans who find you a pleasure to watch.

    I truly watched the news at 5 to watch your pleasent personality, cheerful face, which is nothing like the rest of the sappy faces that you worked with for many years. It seems like they are all afraid to show some joy and share a smile which is very unappealing to viewers.

    I will admit, I will no longer be tuning into the news at 5 pm becase I find that such a slap in the face cant be rewarded with my viewing and I will tune into News 3.

    I am absolutely shocked at their behavior and I have to agree with the Diane above…I sure do hope that Ms. Labarbara lears to dress a bit more appropriately and loosens up on the tight itting apparel which is very unbecoming and looks like she is going to bust out the seams.

    Mr. Fox it has been a priveledge and an honor to watch you and to depend on you for 26 years. I have planned events such as Holiday picnicks, family outings, errands, and even my Wedding day according to your weekend planner on wether it would be an indoor wedding or outdoor wedding.

    I feel like I am losing a member of my family and I am so sorry to see you go.

    I hope to remain in contact through facebook because you are truly a man that many admire.

    God bless you and your family and I wish you the very best! May you be rewarded with better than Channel 8 could ever give you.


  26. Dear Geoff:

    I agree with everyone. I am teary eyed. I can not imagine not seeing you on the weather. I feel like Im losing a dear friend. I am weepy as I write to you. You have such style and class, and a charm and personality that channel 8 will never replace. Not by a long shot.

    I fnd this offensive in every way.

    Mr. Fox…you have been a admired man for many many years since I was a child. And now with my own family we sit and eat dinner as I did with my parents.

    I will really miss you and your little jokes now and then…which is a far cry from the rest of the staff at channel 8. I will NEVER watch again. This is the saddest day for them. They have declined for quite some time now and I watch Pix 11 in the morning even though Im not in NY just because they give the same pleasure as you.

    Best to you Sir. You are a Legacy.

    The Iannicelli Family

  27. Dear Geoff,

    I am at a loss for words…Ive grown up watching you forcast the weather since i was in grade school…I sent you a letter and you sent me back a postcard! You’ve inspired me with your outstanding passion for meteorology..and you’ve taught me so much more than just reading about weather in an ordinary text book. I am now 29 and I look up to you just as much as I did as a child…Maybe the tables will turn and you can continue forcasting on ch 8…as we all hope 🙁

  28. Well written and brilliant composition! He defines your charachter to a tee. All I can say is “Don’t go to sleep yet! There’s more Geoff Fox coming up after he leaves news 8!” The best opportunity will present itself and hopefully we can all come with you! Best of luck and keep smiling!

  29. Geoff, I am still in shock about your contract not being renewed. I have been watching you since you started at WTNH when I was in high school. The official name, music and logo changed but you remained. I’m married now with a family. My life changed and he world has changed you remained. I have a son with Autism that likes weather and loves to watch your forecast. He likes things that stay the same. Things that remain. He heard me talking about your leaving WTNH. A shaky and anxious “WHY?” was his question. I was honest with him. He probably makes too much money and the station doesn’t want to pay was my answer. Over simplified? Maybe. Typically, my sons asks, “what did Geoff Fox say?” not “what is the weather supposed to be like?”. How do you explain this situation to a child who thinks your name is synonymous with weather forecasting? My family and i wish you the best of luck. Change is a part of life and this change was thrust upon you. “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

  30. I get teary eyed every time I read the kind words written to you. They are all true. You are admired, revered, and a legacy as others have written, but the fact that you can hear all this from us, is great. We are admiring someone who has given us joy, entertainment, and able to give accolades while you can appreciate them. But truly, we are sad for ourselves, because we know we will be losing you in our homes, and lives. I agree with your first letter, very well said.

  31. My Favorite Geoff Fox Move: when you acknowledge that breaking in on General Hospital on a Friday afternoon is an unavoidable drag. You know we are hooked on the soap’s cliffhanger episode and you speed up your report accordingly. You are a class act who gets out the info out without sensationalizing. You know your viewers well! This is a horrible decision by Channel 8 which I hope can somehow be reversed. Good luck Geoff!

  32. I cannot believe that News8 is letting you go! I just read your bio on their website and it really speaks volumes about the impact and contributions you have made over the years. I have been enjoying your forecasts for at least 20 years and appreciate your sense of humor and the rapport you have with both the viewers and the other members of the news team. I think its a sad day when experienced, professional, well-respected, and obviously well-liked staff must give way to the new crowd, who don’t have what you’ve got to offer. Shame on News8 and the best of luck to you!

  33. Geoff,
    I remember idolizing Dr. Mel as a kid, and when he got sick you seemed to take a more prominent role on Channel 8 (maybe that’s more in my head than in reality). Those shoes were huge shoes to fill and in your own way – you did fill them. Over the years your on air personality has really engaged, entertained and educated me. I will definitely miss seeing you on the local news. I wish you all the best in your new endeavours and know you will succeed. Congrats and all the best.

  34. Geoff,
    My wife and I were shocked and saddened to hear that your contract will not be renewed. You are THE Channel 8 icon. Your sense of humor lightened the otherwise dull forecasting of the weather. And we always enjoyed your informative Mr Science segments.

    For some reason, “people” in power make stupid decisions. If they are not, your bosses should be wallowing in their stupidity! They could redeem themselves by keeping you on Channel 8. If not, I think many of your fans, including us, will find a new TV news source.

    Best of luck to you and let your fans know where you will be going.

    Gordon Lewis
    Shelton, CT

  35. Geoff,

    All of us feel that you are our best friend. You have been in our home for as long as I can remember. You had this way about you that just made things personal, almost like you were having a conversation with me! I can’t help but say how much you will truly be missed. I got to admit, my eyes watered when I found out the news. You will be very greatly missed. (I can’t believe I’m saying this….sigh)

  36. Dear Geoff, with Bay Ridge parents we only trusted you to tell us our weather for the last 25 years. Since this news i have not watched wtnh out of protest. I’d rather get my weather news from Al – Jazeera at this point. Hope you stay. sean – 06492

  37. I have watched you since your first day on Channel 8. You have always been a gentleman and role model. I hope that minds change and you remain, but if not, it’s a great loss to the Connecticut community at large. Best of luck to you where ever the paths lead. To paraphrase an old blessing, “may the sun warm you and the winds blow gently on your back, and the roads you travel lead to good health, prosperity and even more success. We love you and you will be greatly missed!. (For how we all feel, listen to “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling.) Don’t go to sleep yet, Geoff, there are a lot of people rooting for you!

  38. I just heard the news that I won’t be hearing your voice while I’m in my kitchen making dinner any more. I was shocked. You have been a part of my dinner routine and my teatime at 11pm. since you started in 1984! Although I have never meet you (but I did see you once at a Hartford Whalers Hockey game years ago, you were sitting in my row)my husband and I will miss seeing you deliver the weather news. I like how you would get so geared up when there was a storm coming, you made bad weather seem exciting. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. So sorry to see you go.

  39. Querido Geoff, desde que llegue al Estado de Connecticut quede muy impresionada por la manera tan apasionada y el estilo unico con que dabas el pronostico del tiempo, y por eso decidi ver todos los dias las noticias del canal ocho, por que sabia que ahi estabas tu en la seccion del tiempo. Pero hoy en la manana recibi un mensaje de texto de mi hermano diciendome que si yo sabia que ya Geof Fox no iba a estar mas en el canal 8, al principio crei que el bromeaba (pues el sabe que llevo muchos anos mirando tus pronosticos), pero inmediatamente me di cuenta que era cierto lo que el decia, y realmente no puedo creerlo. Que error han cometido al dejarte ir!! Te deseo la mejor de la suerte a donde vayas, y ojala que algun otro canal requiera tus servicios por que el que lo haga va a ganar una buena teleaudencia, Que Dios te bendiga!

  40. This is what I posted on the WTNH website:
    In our house for over 20 years WTNH at 6:00 and then ABC News at 6:30. WTNH news was never the attraction – it was always Geoff Fox. Mr. Fox has always provided non-hysterical weather forecasting and we conducted our business according to his weather report. If he goes to another Connecticut station – we’re there. If not, we’ll most likely chose NBC as they are more local to our market.By the way, we are part of the demographic your advertisers are looking for. I am way too old and I have been associated with numerous companies that have spent hundreds of millions only to fail because they did not listen to their customers. Remember, you are overhead, we are profit.

  41. Hi Geoff – There is not much more I can add to what everyone has said. You are the main reason we watch channel 8 news and weather. You have a way of explaining everything so we know just what to expect. I will no longer watch channel 8 after February.

    The powers that be will see the drop in the number of people who watch channel 8 and regret their decision. I have many good memories over the years. For instance, when you used to bring your little white dog to the station (forgot her name) and she would just sit there like a statue. Also when you lived in Branford, my husband and I would run into you in East Haven Stop & Shop and talk to you.

    I hope you stay in CT and we find out where to see you. If so and if not, I wish you the best in the future. You know thousands of people will be thinking of you and missing you.

    God Bless you and good luck.

  42. geoff. gotta be honest,was very shocked to hear that news 8 was not going to renew your contract,big mistake on thier part! your talent and unique qaulities will never be replaced no matter what they do. you have handled this situation with such dignity and composer,i grew up with you and enjoyed you through all the years and you are a person of integrity. i hope that news 8 reads these comments and takes them very seriously,because thier viewership and ratings are about to take a hit!just a prediction. all your fans love you and we will miss you very much! news 8 really needs to renew your contract.

  43. Dear Mr. Geoff Fox, A number of years ago, everyone was forcasting a big snow storm and even the computers said so but I was watching you and you said that even though everyone said it was so and even the computers, you felt that it wasn’t going to happen and lo and behold, you were absolutely right. I was truly amazed, wondered how you did that and never forgot it. You have been my hero ever since !! I am shocked at WTNH and realize that they have no heart but for you, I wish you all the good things in life. Very sincerely, Cynthia Lyman

  44. What a fantastic letter that young man wrote. It certainly helps restore my faith in the next generation. It seems that many corporations (not just media) are making penny-wise, pound-foolish decisions. I hope you use this as an opportunity to really think about new opportunities both in and out of the media business. Based on your writings on this blog, you have many talents (photography, computers)that you may be able to leverage. Good luck to you.

  45. Geoff,

    Experience means so much and it seems to me that employers are giving up experience for dollars. It is a pity that this is what the world has come to. You have been the Hilton Kaderly of our home (my grandma’s hero). Good Luck with your future endeavors and remember, it is truly their loss.

  46. Geoff, Anyone who has seen you knows you are the very best in your field. But what will be most missed is your warmth, kindness and classiness. It’s a rare and wonderful thing to be able to get a real lift from a weather report, and I suspect that most everyone who watches you literally feels better and happier after seeing your smiling face and good-hearted manner. What could the management possibly be thinking??? It makes me think that there is a “devolution” of television going on.

  47. Hope you find a job quicker than many of those 99’ers. My daughter with a Master’s degree has been looking for 14 months.

    You may not need this, but there is a guy, I think maybe a name you might know, and he might help you. John Candick, was from the Buffalo area, and worked in Green Bay for many years also in the weather dept. Never hurts to have another contact, even if you do get called by Blumenthal.

    1. John Chandick was my mentor! I cannot think of a finer, nicer, more giving person. I worked with John in Buffalo. He was secure enough to make me better as a forecaster without worrying if it would hurt him (which of course it didn’t). Thanks for mentioning his name.

  48. I could not believe the news of WTNH not renewing your contract. It only demonstrates their lack of appreciation, intelligence and sanity, and will be their downfall, I fear. You’ve been part of my family for over 20 years, and that family extends to friends who have gotten “hooked” on you when they’ve visited from other areas. You combine knowledge, expertise, common sense, humor, and an approach that makes us all feel like we know you as a trusted buddy…..heck, you ARE our buddy! As one who experienced unspoken age discrimination in her job, I can relate somewhat to the shock and pain you must be feeling. However, things do happen for a reason, and I’m certain that there is a brighter future ahead of you with people who value you and love you as much as we. Look upon this as a door opening to a wonderful new beginning. You and your family are in our prayers.

  49. I was born and raised in Connecicut and lived there until I moved to Arkansas in 1992 when I got married. And, when I think “weather”, I think “Geoff Fox”! Even my 91 year old aunt tells my 84 year old mom “Geoff Fox said…”. I visit “home” every year, and while I am there I look forward to watching you. I am sure you now have friends in every state who once lived in Connecticut. Thank you for 26 wonderful years. You’ll never know how much you mean to so many. You are like family. You will be missed!

  50. You are the only reason my husband and I watch WTNH. Once you are gone, we will stop switching from CNN to watch you. Not out of protest, but because we just ae not interested. I would imagine you are responsible for many that are not watching Cable news already.

    If their thinking is to try and get a younger viewer audience, they are sadly mistaken. Most of them get their news online.

    Big, big mistake.

  51. I am not one of those people who bother to respond often. But, when I learned of what was happening at WTNH, I was shocked and found myself very upset. I have watched WTNH for news for over 20 years and will always change the channel for the news. But it’s not for the news, but for your weather report. I find it helpful, interesting (me saying weather is interesting!) but it is true. You offer little bits of information about weather in general and I have a child with learning disabilities who liked to listen to you and got involved with the weather asking questions and always making sure she listened to you. I made a trip to Barnes and Noble and purchased weather books and she loves learning about it.
    She also watches the sky and asks questions or provides me with information about it. I thank you for that. I thank you for always being the person on the screen that made me smile, even on a bad day.
    I have listened to you over the years for weather for school etc. I liked your personalization of the delivery and I liked you.
    I have seen Channel 8 make many mistakes, but this one tops them all. I wish you and your family luck. But my first wish is that WTNH wakes up and realizes what they have done before it is too late. Because frankly watching my news on Channel 8 won’t matter anymore without you.
    Thank you for your sincere contribution. WHAT A MISTAKE.

  52. Being a “younger viewer”, I have to say that I find news online quite boring, as there is not any personality to represent it. I have enjoyed watching you forecast the weather pretty much my whole life. Now, being 23, and growing up with you, it is a real disappointment and shock to hear this news. Obviously no replacement will compare to you. Other forecasters don’t explain the weather but simply state what will occur. Other forecasters won’t have the same silly jokes. On Christmas Eve you told us the weather in your santa hat- it’s silly things like that I appreciate. There is no other forecaster who has been with me my whole life. I was hoping you would be able to teach weather to my children as well. I hope this sad decision can somehow be reversed. If not, and I truly hope this is not the case, you will be missed. I will no longer watch news 8- my favorite station- because it will not be the same seeing the weather without you. I will most likely fall asleep before 11:15pm anyway without you reminding me “don’t go to sleep yet!” in order to see the 8 day forecast. I suppose the simple text on weather.com will have to suffice since no one can tell it like you do. I sincerely wish you the best no matter what happens.

  53. Apparently the management does not realize (but will soon discover all too clearly) that the ONLY reason many viewers watch the news on WTNH is because of Geoff Fox. Why in the world would they even CONSIDER letting you go when you are the ONE (along with Dr. Mel) who gives the station dignity, class and credibility? I believe this will go down as the worst decision the station has ever made. And no doubt every another station will try to grab you up pronto. We sincerely hope you will choose one the area, so we can still see you!

  54. Dear Geoff

    I am so upset to hear you are not going to be on News 8 ! it totally sickens me. I have watched you for 20+ years and it is the only reason I watch 8. I always feel you give the best forcasts with such a wonderful personality what is your boss who is void of all sence thinking???? I pray you will stay locally here at home in CT I hope one of the other stations grab you up fast! I dont know how I would get through the weather without you! I cant tell you how over the years you have grown into family really you are someone I look forward to seeing each night, your stories of Liver Pate’ at Halloween, your lovely wife, daughter, blue jeans for babies, and oh yes the wonderful reminders to bring in the pups and kitties on an oh so cold winter night, all so comforting to me. I wish you and your family all the best and know you will be greatly missed, and we all can only pray we either see you on 8 with a new contract or on another local station. I will not be watching 8 once you are gone you are the reason I stick with 8. all the best!

  55. For a lot of kids like me (I’m 23) who grew up in Connecticut before the Internet blew up, Geoff was the bearer of the Best News Ever: a snow day.
    Geoff, to me and so many other kids growing up in Fairfield County (No one else tracks the Gold Coast like Channel 8!) I knew that when you said snow, the superintendents put Channel 8 on speed dial. To us kids, you were a god among men for your ability to bring us snowball fights and days off from school.
    Now that I’m all grown up, you’re still pretty up there in my book. I may not put a spoon under my pillow and wear my PJs inside out hoping your predictions come true, but I still listen to what you say and trust it. I wish your superiors felt the same.
    Wishing you the best of luck in the future, and your viewers like me the best of luck finding another news station to trust. I’m thinking Channel 3, since they seem the least hoochie-oriented, but I’ll stick it out with you until you’re through so I can get my last doses of true class on TV.

    All while typing this I’ve been trying to avoid jumping into the gutter with comments about your station’s promos, but I can’t help it as I read about how classy you are. It’s such a deviation from the promos for Teresa’s traffic reports. The one with her in a skin-tight leopard print dress makes her look like she belongs on a pole after-hours, not on a news station. I’d be embarrassed to work people who think it’s OK to put that on TV when children could be watching, and without an R-rating!

  56. Geoff: I have been a loyal follower of this site for a lot of years but I have to admit I stopped watching local news a few years ago. If people like me contributed to your leaving WTNH I apologize Geoff, it wasn’t because of you, local news on TV just has become irrelevant when you have the net. It is ironic you have pretty much been predicting this for a while now.
    You and I both know ending your contract will probably save them some money (tenured employees are always a target) but no one is going to improve their ratings.
    I am a little bit bitter on your behalf because you have always done so much more for your station, be it computer problems, etc. and this is the thanks you get?
    Geoff, I hope you continue this blog regardless where your future takes you, you have a “family” out there and even if you are not on tv we want to stay connected.
    All the best to you Geoff!

  57. Hi Geoff, I cannot believe they did not renew your contract, I thought you might be leaving us like Coach Edsall for a more prestigeous job. We have watched WTNH 6PM news for years, despite all the commercials because of your entertaining weather forcasts. Now we will probably be watching BBC news on public television, which is far more interesting than the rest of the WTNH news. This may be a blessing in disguise.
    John and Jill Urban Stonington Ct

  58. Dear Geoff, I have no idea how business runs. Ignore WTNH and why don’t you start your own radio station or something. We have around 7000 + people supporting you on facebook.I think everyone will help and support you. You are a part of our family.I stopped watching WTNH now.

  59. Dear Geoff.

    I was shocked to read of your pending job termination. How could management think of doing this????? I felt as if an 8.6 magnitude earthquake had hit the region.

    For 36 years, I have watched you nail most forecasts, flub one now and then and admit your mistake and your humanity. I can’t believe that the Lin TV Corp. would not appreciate your loyalty.
    If the company does not reconsider, Channel 8 may lose disastrously in ratings. And I know you must have gotten many hob offers over the years…. yet you stayed loyal to us Connecticut folks.

    Whatever the outcome, I wish you well. Let’s hope management reconsiders and renews y9ur contract, and that there will be no repercussions for you. Hope I’m not dreaming….

    Dianne Severance
    2400 North Avenue, Apt. 803
    Bridgeport, CT 06604


  61. Geoff,

    My mother-in-law, who I loved dearly, always got a kick out of you the time you covered Hurricane Gloria. You were there, you were dishevled, but you were getting the job done! She thought you were so cute during all of that! Everytime I watch you, I think of that memory.

    Hey, I was also “your” weather watcher way back in the 80’s where I met you at Sally’s Pizza on a beautiful CT Fall night – cool and crisp. You called me before the 11:00 broadcast for oa “weather” update! It was cool! I got a shout out on the broadcast!

    And, one last thought – where one lousy old door closes, another really beautiful one opens!

    Good luck to you!

    Karen P

  62. Geoff,
    I grew up watching you and I can’t believe you won’t be there anymore. When I told my husband last night, he was shocked as well. You will be missed by both of us. YOU were the reason we stayed up past 11 to watch the weather. Thank you for all the great years.

  63. It is shocking and terribly disappointing that you are no longer with WTNH! You are THE weather person of CT and will be sorely missed, especially with the upcoming storm. No one does it like you. I wish you well and hope to see you back on tv soon.

  64. I am very, very disappointed to hear WTNH did not renew your contract. Even when it was difficult to watch the 11:00 news (because of the news, or because of the commercials, not sure which) we always tuned-in in time for the weather report! I will miss your weather reports, your humor and your presence on WTNH. Best wishes are sent your way from this household, along with many, many others! Once you settle on something new, keep everyone posted as to where you’ll be. In the meantime, it’s back to Cable’s traffic and weather!

  65. You have been a big part of our lives. A big part of CONNECTICUT!I don’t know anyone that didn’t watch you. A big storm is coming tonight and you will be missed. This is very sad. I wish you and your family the best.

  66. I still can’t believe that u are leaving. If u go I will be watching another station !!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish the very best for u . I think wtnh will end up very sorry about this I hope they change their minds when they see how many people are saying they will go to another station .
    Again I wish the Very Best for u and your family.
    God bless.

  67. Geoff, Tonight we are having a huge snowstorm in Ct.,and what I’m really missing is seeing you and listening to your weather report.All day long I kept thinking I have to watch Geoff today,but you were’t there. I sure am missing you. That email of that young person,how they spoke of you really hit the nail right on the head.You really are a very special, person. Thanks for everyday you came into our home. Paula Zahar

  68. Hi Geoff

    This storm is the type of thing that you would have been here leading us around the clock. Gill is doing an awsome job, but you are our mentor. Channel 8 needs you. Please keep us posted where ever you are, because we will follow you!! Thanks for all that you have done and taught us!!!!!!!

  69. I was angry and sad about your situation before this last storm, even more so since. I had to get thru it without you, just as I have to do in the future – but it’s tough. Anyone can “read” the weather, but you make me comfortable with it and understand it! Your manner, and accuracy, your calming words when the situation is threatening, is not duplicated by anyone else. I always called you my “Walter Cronkite of the weather!” I know you’ll find work quickly, no one else is as foolish as WTNH, but it, most likely, won’t be where I can watch.
    Please keep this blog going….

  70. You know what? I have to honestly say, Gil is not my kind of guy. Whenever the two of you used to do the storm “tag team” thing together, I always got the feeling he was kind of pushy and trying to show you up (which he could never even dream of doing), a bit too much. Kind of hogging the screen. the older guy who does the weather on the weekends, although nice enough always leaves me asking (when he’s finished), “what did he say the weather is going to be?” The new guy, Villanueva, although very personable has no nuance at all and just delivers the lines right off the teleprompter. and, thru no fault of his own, just plain has a very wimpy voice. Let’s face it Geoff….we are used to you and have come to rely on your style and knowledge and we never felt the need of an “upgrade” to the new operating system (which is actually a “downgrade”).

    I do hope all our protestations and letter writing and calling and complaining brings you back to us….even if you find greener pastures, elsewhere.

  71. I saw the above post and I was kinda confused at first….I did not write this…Doris is NOT common name…so it startled me at first.
    I (DorisC) LOVE Gil and the ENTIRE weather team, because you all are just that ….a team, and that is why I have been watching all these years…..
    Hope you did not think it was me…..

  72. As an “older” citizen, I enjoy channel 8 weather with Geoff Fox. I’m going to switch to channel 3 and Scot Haney if Geoff isn’t re-instated.

  73. Dear Geoff,

    I am in awe so to speak/write. Must be a day late and a dollar short. Knew you were “missing” but thought you were on vacation.
    Found out today (at my hairdresser)that you were no longer part of WTNH weather broadcasting. I asked the question today “does anyone know where Geoff Fox is?

    Have watched you many years and you were the reason I rarely changed channels for news and weather. Mr. Fox you were an icon
    and you will be missed. It won’t be the same without you.

    Wrote to you once asking sort of a dumb question but you answered me and that put you on top of my list. Had asked you if Lisbon was considered inland or shoreline. ( only lived in this state my entire life and I have been around awhile.

    Hope this note to you will”make your day” a good one. I wish you and your family the very best. Hope wherever you hang your shingle next will be a channel I can get.

    Best Wishes,

    Phyllis Chamberlin

  74. Geoff,
    I too noticed you missing but thought you might be on vacation or something. Just last week I had told a friend of mine about you. She normally just checks the internet for her weather, how boring! As a result of my comments about you, she was going to tune in to channel 8 to see who you were. I’ll be calling her back to tell her not to bother. Both my husband and I are shocked and saddened to hear that we will not be able to see you for our weather anymore. My husband was the first one to notice your talent as a weatherman. It wasn’t long before we were asking each other what “Geoff” had to say today. We still don’t have cable tv, but I am now considering it so I can see what the other stations have to offer. I share the heart of your other fans in that I want to know where you will be next, and pray that it will be here in CT. I also share the sentiment that you added the class that is sadly lacking in television today. I have been very shakey about ch 8’s leanings of late. The other newscasters were fine personality wise, Dr. Mel is a sweetie, and the banter between you and Ann was amusing, but I sense the push for the women to reveal more and more. I guess I am just happy that the men are still clothed. I’m wondering what happened to womens suits. I was sad to see and I was very concerned when I saw that ch 8 had their latest news person arrive in a box in their ads. It gave me visions of someone jumping out of a cake. To me that did not bode well for the professionalism aspect of newscasting. But you have always be down home, funny, real and for the most part kept your clothes on 🙂 . You will be missed, and I will be keeping my ears open for where you will be next. I would definately try and tune into anything you do on tv, radio or the internet. Keep us posted. Our best to you and your family.

  75. I’m late catching up with this because I don’t get out of work until 6 pm or later so I missed a mess of newscasts but I’m absolutely FLOORED that WTNH let you go. You’ve always been my favorite weatherman. Your forecasts were almost always spot-on and I loved the jokes.I really depended on you especially during bad weather (like this storm…which is why I was home early today BTW) I’m never watching WTNH again for this. I hope another local station picks you up.
    I’ll be tuning in to whatever you do.
    Best to you and your family.

  76. Well I’m done with WTNH, unless they bring you back…I’ve already deleted my iphone app. This is despicable! You are the perfect weatherman. You are part of our families. My son loved it when you would include a mini science lesson in with your forecast. This has been a huge betrayal to you.
    “Someone” at the station is going to see ratings drop sharply because of this. Things have clearly been changing at WTNH…the women are looking “dirty” and cheap, with the clothes they wear. How can the women feel respectable wearing skin tight outfits?…only Twinkies.
    Please try to stay in CT so we can have you in our homes again. We’ll be actively watching and listening to find where you are.
    God Bless you and your family.

  77. Geoff – We all miss you. With this bad winter, we need someone like you to explain in detail this cycle of weather. It just keeps coming. I learned a lot about weather from your reports at WTNH. Always thought I might go into meteorology when I was younger. It always interested me – too old now a senior citizen, but I still like to know the “why” and how long this cycle will go on. It reminds me of the movie “The Day After Tomorrow. Please let us know if you do the weather forecasting again. Stay well and please keep us advised. Thanks for all your past help. Southbury, CT

  78. Geoff: I guess I’ve been out of the loop and had no idea where you had disappeared to. During this last month of horrendous winter weather I assumed that with your “inside knowledge” of the weather you had taken a monumentally well timed vacation to vastly warmer places! I have to say it was quite distressing not to to see your familiar face in this month of record breaking winter weather. Channel 8’s actions are unfathomable! I guess they are like a lot of employers, wanting to trade you in for younger, cheaper models. I for one will no longer be watching channel 8 weather. I hope you land somewhere here in Connecticut as if you do, that is where I will be getting my weather from now on. You have been a familiar, funny and trusted source for many, many years and you and your viewers deserved much better.

  79. Geoff,
    I have been wondering where you are & just figured you were on a much deserved vacation. When the new guy, Steve, was introduced I thought he would be a sub for when you had a day off. I am shocked & appalled that LIN did not renew your contract. You are the reason my family watches channel 8 news. I am disgusted with LIN & will stop watching channel 8 news on Feb 28. Your last day is my last day!

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