Photos From Stef’s Roof

I knew the cirrus layer over the city would color the sky orange and red. Too much meteorology!

The top floor of Stef’s building has an open air common area with chairs, tables, a stereo, tv, barbecue and view to die for! Nestled at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains the ground floor is 425 feet above sea level. That gives it a height advantage over Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills/Century City and the ocean.

Sunset here is a little after 5:00 PM. Helaine and I walked up at 4:55.

Earlier she’d asked about clouds. Wouldn’t they spoil the sunset? I knew the cirrus layer over the city would color the sky orange and red. Too much meteorology!

Here’s a little sample of what I saw. Click any picture to see a larger image.

I need one more trip to the roof after sunset with my tripod. There are more pictures to be taken!

12 thoughts on “Photos From Stef’s Roof”

  1. Omigod, how funny Dawnie! I have some friends in the drum-making business and once when I went out to Cali (my second home) we all went to the NAMM convention. Lots of fun and brings back great memories!!

    I love Cali…

  2. A view to die for is right! What a gorgeous sunset to have witnessed. Can hardly wait to see the other part of the view and next sunset!

  3. inCREDIBLE, Geoff! I don’t know how ANYONE would want to leave that! It’s soooo nice there! Hope you and Helaine are having a good time!

  4. Gorgeous! Having lived on both coasts, I’m always torn. I’m a Yank at heart, but my sister has given up the conundrum of the coast war and defected to San Fran! With this weather, I’m tempted to follow!

    Glad that you are having such a wonderful time- we’re certainly enjoying your insights and exploits 🙂 BTW- what camera are you using? The shots are excellent!

    Have fun!

    1. Michelle – it’s a Canon Xsi dslr. A good camera is nice, but these were shot using all manual settings. You wouldn’t have gotten much of this in Auto no matter what camera.

  5. Ahh a canon. I have a 40D and frequenly use the manual settings to get just the right exposure. For general images (I’m going to stay away from using “shots”. It’s not a gun yaknow)the auto mode is fine. but, when you want to get that special one manual is always my choice. I have really enjoyed reading the blog. Hope you have a great time. look forward to seeing you on TV when you get back. Too bad you couldn’t have a short segment showing off your trip and explaining the pics you took. That would be interesting news to get our minds off the bad stuff.

  6. No matter where you go, or what you do, please continue your blog to show us your magnificent photos… maybe you could open a “photography for dummies” site and for a nominal charge, critique photos for those of us who never turn the camera off the auto mode…. 😀

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