I’m On A Boat (photos)

And then there were the dolphins! It was dinner time for them.

Guilty? Do I feel guilty being here on the warm West Coast while most of my friends shiver and shovel? Sure. Not enough to hop the next plane back, but guilty nonetheless.

Yesterday we were invited to take a cruise into the Pacific. A friend of Stef’s has a beautiful boat docked in Marine del Rey.

I know–boating in January. Here in SoCal you can… so you do. Yesterday was unseasonably warm. Los Angeles International hit 80&#176!

I always though dogs were natural swimmers so I was a little surprised to see Roxie in a life vest with a handle on top. It’s possible to lift her like a dachshund handbag!

Marina del Rey has a beautiful protected harbor. A breakwater just offshore keeps the waves of winter storms out, but it wasn’t necessary yesterday. Lots of people took advantage. The number of boats and the high percentage of sailboats (most puttering slowly under power, not sail) out on this Saturday was impressive.

Once out in the open ocean the entire coastline was spread out before us. Looking north we easily saw Malibu with homes on the beach and clinging to the nearby hills and canyon walls. Catalina Island stood out to the west. We saw people playing on the beach with distant large, snow covered mountains behind them. Crazy!

And then there were the dolphins! It was dinner time for them. We saw most from a distance, but a few sprung out from the water inches from our boat. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

When I mentioned where I’d be some Facebook friends quested I’d cut a video singing “I’m On A Boat.” Those friends will be disappointed.

9 thoughts on “I’m On A Boat (photos)”

  1. I just have to say that I am sorry that you will not be on ch 8 any more–its so their loss- you were always a happy smile & I loved when you said -don’t go to be Yet! I miss you already! I was glad to see that you are living life to the fullest now- the start of a new chapter.A friend of mine (a teacher) left last year after putting up with a horrible principal for too long-she was devastated & hurt & now is able to be in Fl for 3 months out of the year! My point is-this is a blessing in disguise for you-enjoy & know that you did a WONDERFUL job & people love you!!!

  2. Thank you for posting your vacation pics, Geoff. The sunsets are gorgeous and I love the picture of the snowy mountain behind the beach. Best of both worlds!

  3. I talked to my cousin in San Diego last night and she asked me if we were all dug out of the snow yet. I told her “yup, just in time for the “wintery mix” coming this week. She let me know that she had her heat turned off and her doors and windows open. Yes, I’m jealous and wish I could be there. When my husband and I were there in October, we went kayaking in La Jolla. I love Connecticut, it’s my home but there are times that I really wish I could afford to snowbird in SoCal in the winter. Retirement’s still in the future though.

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