No New Snow, But What We’ve Got Has Changed

It’s science. It’s math. It’s nature. It’s beautiful. It’s time for it to melt now.

We just exercised. I am walking through the house trying to cool down, but still panting as if I had run through Grand Central trying to catch the last train home!

While walking I’ve been staring into the backyard. The lawn’s been hidden for well over a month!

Even without a recent snowfall the makeup of what’s in the yard has changed. My backyard’s topography now resembles a desert.

OK–I know, snow is 100% water. It can’t “be” a desert, but there are now many similarities.

The backyard snowpack is not flat. The snow undulates in graceful waves like you’d ind in the desert. That’s wind related.

In fact every part of the backyard’s look is wind related!

The turbulence downstream from the prevailing wind has allowed the snow to gracefully separate from trees and pile up because of standing waves.

Where has snow piled on elevated objects like deck furniture the wind has begun to carve away from the monolithic look. The snow has taken on characteristics I’ve seen in Monument Valley and Zion National Park. The snow is starting to separate into layers.

We seldom get snow staying in one place this long without melting. I haven’t seen these patterns form before.

It’s science. It’s math. It’s nature. It’s beautiful. It’s time for it to melt now.

10 thoughts on “No New Snow, But What We’ve Got Has Changed”

  1. So true….it is time for it to melt….slowly perhaps, but melt nonetheless.
    What I love about your writing, Geoff, is that I can actually “hear” you in your written word. 🙂
    Again(for the umpteenth time)my husband said this morning as we were watching the weather on an undisclosed station “I sure miss Geoff Fox”. So true……

      1. I’m missing the desert climate. I don’t have much money for heating oil in the winter, so I try to adapt to the cold desert of Connecticut. 😛

  2. Lovely description, Geoff. Yes, time to melt, though. But not too fast….a steady diet of sunshine and temperatures in the 40’s for a while, so we done experiences flooding, would be perfect. We deserve it!!!

    The older one gets, the less we want time to fly by. But I’ll make an exception here. April!!!! Just less than 2 little months!!!

  3. Let me retype some booboos in the last message….”so we don’t experience flooding” Yipes! Note to self: proofread before hitting “send.” (I’ll ignore the poor grammar in the second paragraph.)

  4. We also rarely see snow go untouched for so long – in most winters there would be tracks through the snow in most places, but because there’s so much it’s stayed pristine. I love the sheen on the icy coating on top of the snow. (I love looking at it – walking on it is impossible!)

  5. It’s like looking at the layers of rock at the Grand Canyon.

    By the way Jeff I just happened on your blog recently and good luck with the job search.

    Thanks for you years at WTNH and the service you provided.

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