Will You Vote For Me?

I have called what I’m about to do unseemly in the past. Times and circumstances change.

I’ll start with an admission: I have called what I’m about to do unseemly in the past. Times and circumstances change. It doesn’t seem as wrong now to ask for your vote.

I’m talking about the annual “Best Of” awards from the New Haven Advocate and Fairfield County Weekly (The Hartford Advocate has theirs later).

I’ve done well some years, been a bridesmaid in others. There’s really no predicting who is “Flavor of the Moment.”

The Advocate and Weekly don’t mind if I ask for your vote, as long as I don’t offer you anything in return. That’s because for most categories this is more a business starter for the papers than a meaningful election.

In order to keep the ballot boxes from truly being stuffed they require you vote in at least 20 categories. That does bring this to pain-in-the-ass level. If you don’t vote I understand.

However, if you have a favorite funeral parlor or adult boutique you’ve been keeping to yourself here’s your chance to let everyone know!

Balloting closes March 9.

Click for the New Haven Advocate
Click for the Fairfield Weekly

Thanks for your vote.

25 thoughts on “Will You Vote For Me?”

  1. I voted for you, and of course….it took a while to come up with 20 “favorites” …..but I managed!! Hope it’s a SWEEP Geoff!!!

  2. P.S.: One of my friends was [accidentally] watching TNH the other day when the new guy was trying to figure out what the weather was going to be for Saturday. I guess he wasn’t able to predict with much certainty and he is said to have stated:
    “Maybe we should call Geoff Fox and ask HIM what the weather will be!”

    That sounds like a GREAT idea!! 🙂

  3. Sorry Geoff, I wish I could vote for you but living in the Northeast part of the state, I have no idea who to vote for in ANY of the other categories in order to vote for you as well. You would so have my vote otherwise. I do wish you lots of luck!

  4. Done! Thanks for the reminder to get my votes in … I vote for the “Best Of New Haven” every year. Gotta show some love to my good friend Coleen’s boutique (Dava) and the area’s greatest radio station, WPKN. 🙂

  5. OK Geoff, another fan here has voted! I’m sure it will be a runaway as well. Love the fortune cookie too…somehow good things will come from this, even it you and all your fans don’t see it yet. While I miss your reports on TV, I am now a regular here on your blog. You have so many more talents than we ever saw on TV! Hang in there, keep busy, something better is on the horizon for you!

  6. This is the first time I ever voted in the Advocate Poll. Was well worth the time to get to vote for you. Hoping for a landslide. Someone told me (I don’t watch WTNH anymore) that they now have some contest hoping to get viewers back.

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