The Exercising Continues

“Flex,” Helaine demanded. “Show me your muscle.”

Typing is all I can do right now. Exhausted! My fingers are trembling too.

Helaine and I have just finished exercising. One week down with a zillion to go.

“Flex,” she demanded. “Show me your muscle.”

There’s a word I’ll appropriate for the current state of my biceps: microsoft!

Things are actually getting a little easier. My pauses during the routines are fewer and shorter. That’s got to be a sign of progress.

Little things have emerged. We both find ourselves talking back to Tony Horton, the TV instructor. He never answers! Somehow though he does know when we’ve stopped breathing.

What surprises me is the program doesn’t seem repetitive (though it obviously is) and we’re not too sore to find an excuse to beg off.

So far so good.

5 thoughts on “The Exercising Continues”

  1. Umm. Not to scare you, much, but did you (both) have stress tests before setting off to do this? Were either of you regular exercisers before this? Remember, most men die of heart attacks while shovelling snow; the great widow maker. Serious exercise (for the first time) past 45 without a stress test is quite dangerous.

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