Stuff You Find When Cleaning–The 35+ Year Old Photo

OMFG–there are dust bunnies behind my desk that have to be twenty years old!

The cleansing continues in my office. OMFG–there are dust bunnies behind my desk that have to be twenty years old! There are plugs plugged in, but connected to nothing. It’s an archeological dig!

Among the artifacts unearthed are some photos which will probably dribble out over the next few days. This one was taken by my friend Bob Lacey in San Francisco sometime in late 1974.

9 thoughts on “Stuff You Find When Cleaning–The 35+ Year Old Photo”

  1. you will feel so great once the mess subsides. but then you’ll never remember where you put everything. Happens to me everytime. Love the photo!!

  2. Geoff…I started a couple years ago when I had a conversation with one of my co-workers who’s mother in law died, and she thought it was all junk… I look at something…think if it will mean anything to my kids…and chuck it if they don’t know why I saved it…I’m just a couple of years older than you…and my youngest is only a year older than Stef…get rid of the junk so they don’t have to!!!!! They don’t CARE about the band you loved in college and never made, but it got a write up in the Bridgeport News…it really hurts, but think of Stef…

  3. Wow, time flies I am starting to go through my house because we
    might sell it to downsize and I can’t believe all the stuff we
    had. When I go throught the pictures and other things I get a
    little sad because I can’t believe how time has flown by oh
    to turn back time.

  4. Best I can do is a 32-year-old photo ( as a scrawny recruit at the end of Air Force basic training, March 1979). Joining the USAF was the best thing I did — I remained for over 20 years and retired near the end of 1999. Worst thing I did was retiring from the Air Force. I still miss it terribly.

  5. Geoff thanks for sharing all these wonderful old photos, you look great esp. the one of you on the telephone with your pals ;=D

    Love the trip to Mt. Washington also. I had no idea people actually lived up there! You are very informative on a lot of subjects I learn alot from you and have fun doing so.

    Still miss not seeing you on TV. I can’t stand the new guy on Channel 8, Steve is it? He never smiles, it sucks…

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