Lux Et Trivia

A tighter squeeze is conducive to comedy. If you’re trying to be funny you’ll be funnier in close quarters!

Our phone is not unlisted. Still you won’t find us in the phone book or by calling directory assistance. The Fox phone is listed under a made up name!

Years ago a friend told me he was listed under a pun laden assumed name. Our listing is an homage to his.

I mention this to establish finding my home number isn’t easy.

26 years in Connecticut and I can’t remember anyone searching for it and calling… until a few weeks ago. That’s when I met Clair Kozlowski.

Clair was looking for an emcee for the “Lux et Trivia Challenge,” an event being held by the Rivendell Institute.

My role explained in two words: Alex Trebek.

I seem an unlikely choice for an organization dedicated to Christianity and scholarship, but they wanted me and I was glad to help. Anyway, I enjoy being a “quizmaster.”

Last night I headed downtown pulling into the Crown Street garage. Crown Street is the center of New Haven’s nightlife, probably the reason you have to prepay for parking! It’s easier to collect $8 before it’s been imbibed away.

The night started as everyone received a name tag. Nothing unusual there except it wasn’t your name! The tags represented famous and infamous Yale alums. No shortage there. I chose Meryl Streep.

The event itself was held in an older more sedate facility above the Crown Street nightlife. I’d guess around 150 people were crammed into a space more appropriate for 100. Maybe the fire marshal wouldn’t approve, but for my purposes it was perfect!

A tighter squeeze is conducive to comedy. If you’re trying to be funny you’ll be funnier in close quarters! It was like getting a full serving of “Emcee Helper.”

The night went well with an eclectic list of trivia questions some easy and others frustratingly difficult. Over three rounds the teams were whittled down until a group of four from Branford was the last standing.

Everyone seemed happy after a successful event. I headed home as Crown Street was starting to come-to-life.

6 thoughts on “Lux Et Trivia”

  1. 8 managed to punt the daily episode of Jeopardy! one day last week; they broadcast a recent show instead of the Teen Tournament game that was scheduled. Of course, I emailed and asked whether they couldn’t keep track of Jeopardy! without that Geoff they’d canned. It felt sooooooooooooooooo good!!!!

  2. Sounds like fun and speaking of channel 8, tomorrow they are
    having a weather special at 6:30, it does not seem like they
    should without Geoff but they are because of the oscars, they
    are trying to cash in on it. I have seen the commercials during
    other shows. Oh, we miss you Geoff I will not watch the show.

  3. Geoff,
    I have noticed that all of your former co-workers have pages listed in FB. But the only peers I have noticed is one from Channel 3 (Ms Peckinpaw ?). Why are 99% of your former co-workers listed and not those of other news stations?

  4. I miss you Geoff! I am still trying to settle on another local station in the morning, but for 5PM news I have switchred to NBC. I stay there until Jeopardy!
    A pox on News 8.

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