Is There Really A Su Bransom? I Don’t Think So

I’m not sure how Twitter makes money off Twitter, but I think I know how Su does… or tries to!

I’m a people watcher on the Internet. That’s especially true with Facebook and Twitter. Often I’ll just gaze as my newsfeed/timeline scrolls by. That’s how I ran into Su Bransom.

Twitter says Su Bransom is the person behind SuBransom8028. Her profile says she’s from New Haven and an environmental engineer. I think it’s a bunch of bull and that there’s no Su!

I’m not sure how Twitter makes money off Twitter, but I think I know how Su does… or tries to!

Every few minutes Su’s twitter account lets loose with a tweet. They’re random incomplete thoughts cut short by Twitter’s 140 character limit.

A few minutes ago Su said,

“Leading scientists and thinkers writing on everything from robots to physics to behavioral economics”

I threw that phrase into Google and out came a citation from Steve Lohr’s page in the New York Times. Lohr uses those words and more to explain a link he’s included.

Su uses it because she needs words!

So far nothing Su’s done has made any money for her. That part of the game comes in other tweets she sends every fourth or fifth time.

@_SkyLineDrives Finally saw Just Go For It here

That’s Su responding to @_SkyLineDrives, but not because they’re Twitter friends!

@_SkyLineDrives sent a tweet which mentioned the movie Hall Pass a few minutes earlier. That’s what triggered Su’s response.

Her reply included a link to a site (I’ve never heard of) that streams (or claims to) movies that haven’t yet been released to home video. That’s where the money’s made!

The random text tweets are decoys. They make Su look real to Twitter which is probably on the lookout for anyone who exclusively replies to people they don’t follow! In reality this whole charade is just a sophisticated form of spam! Unlike email spam which goes out en mass this Twitter spam is targeted and goes to one user at a time.

Expect to see a lot more of this as we spend more time on networks that connect us exclusively to people we know and which therefore seem more secure. When there’s money to be made people will find a way!

&#185 – I’ve added some extra characters to keep from spreading the actual link. You can figure it out if you really want to.

5 thoughts on “Is There Really A Su Bransom? I Don’t Think So”

  1. So far I haven’t felt the need to be bombared with messages from Twitter.
    Too much dibble to follow.

    1. I disagree. Because this is personalized, comes on the heels of your making a somewhat germane tweet and is on a ‘trusted’ platform it’s much more likely to get you to visit the website than plain old spam.

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