The World’s Finest Plum!

I know what you’re saying. “Geoff, isn’t this a little nuts to go over a piece of fruit?

One day last week Helaine opened the refrigerator door and asked me to look. They’re back! The world’s finest plum fruit is back in season. I am ecstatic!

I know what you’re saying. “Geoff, isn’t this a little nuts to go over a piece of fruit?”


The plum I’m talking about comes from Chile. It is deeply plum colored with golden speckles. The skin is supple and crisp as you bite in. The fruit is at once sweet and tangy. It is juicy, but not overly so. The pit is easily eaten around and always remains in one piece.

I’m sure there’s a name. All varieties have names. If you know it please tell me.

It’s probably been bred to taste, look and ship as it does. That takes away a little of the fun because you’d like to think this was Mother Nature’s treat–her way of making up for this damned winter.

These plums don’t last long. Get yours or take your chances. With these plums I buy in bulk!

Update: I got an email from Paula who thinks she’s found the fruit!

I think I found the name of your plum. I did a little research after reading your blog and I think it is a Santa Rosa variety. I’ve copied the write up directly from here.

Santa Rosa Plums — grown by Oscar Carrillo in CA. These plums have a purplish-crimson skin with the light freckling that is characteristic of all Rosa type plums. The flesh is tart and red at the pit, radiating into sweet yellow flesh near the skin.

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  1. I want to tell you how hearing your explaination of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear events has made it so understandable. I really really miss your science schtick!Please keep posting whenever you can. I live in Middle Haddam and am just a few hundred feet from the mighty Conn river, watching it rise and fall with each rain……………sure miss your explaination and updates on flooding.

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