My Trip To New York: She Was A He!

It wasn’t until I walked into the casting office that I realized the female assistant would be played by a guy!

I’m on the 2:37 from Grand Central. If you’re a New Haven commuter you already know what I’m about to say. There is no 2:37 train from Grand Central to New Haven. Oops!

My time is Manhattan was very brief. I was here for a 2:10 audition at Donald Case Casting for a Peruvian liquor. I played a German scientist with a female assistant. I figured there would be a gorgeous long legged blond standing next to me. It wasn’t until I walked into the casting office that I realized the female assistant would be played by a guy!

I auditioned with two “Tilde’s.” One had a beard!

I hope I get the part, but right now it’s the experience I’m enjoying. Theatrical casting is a world I’m not at all familiar with.

Like I said this was a quick trip. I got right back on the subway and took the Uptown #6 two stops to Grand Central. There was a 2:34 to New Haven, but I knew I’d miss it. I ran anyway and saw the 2:37 to Stamford was still listed. Not thinking I continued to run to the platform.

The doors were closed as I reached the train, but the rear window was open. I asked the conductor if he’d open the door?

It wasn’t until ticket taking time we both realized my error. Stamford is this train’s last stop.

This is a no harm, no foul situation. I’ll just get off in Stamford and wait for the train I would have been on… and stop at every station in Westchester and Fairfield Counties along the way.

6 thoughts on “My Trip To New York: She Was A He!”

  1. Oh, hope you get the part Geoff! Would be great to see you in a commercial as a German Scientist for a Peruvian liquor!

  2. It helps to be early and alert. Back in high school I was living in Queens and dating this girl in the Bronx. Leaving her home ~2am to head back I dozed off on the #4 Jerome Ave line, at each stop I would be rocked awake and with my eyes half open I would see if it was Grand Central Station to change to the F train to Queens. At one of these rocked awake stops I saw Grand just as the doors were closing, I got up and bolted out. Wheeeew I made it! Now eyes wide opened I saw it was Grand Concourse 125th Street and very desolate. Yikes! I got home very late that night…

  3. Just consider it a scenic tour of Fairfield county! Hope you get the job – maybe you could have used your leggy supermodel persona to audition for the assistant part!

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