Soup Of The Gods

There was a time my life was filled with freshly baked goods. Alas, those days are long gone. Sad. Necessary.

Back when I first got on TV the columnist for the local newspaper suggested someone fatten me up. Mission accomplished. The skinny Geoff is long gone, a victim of Helaine’s plot to warm me up to the idea of domestic bliss by feeding me.

There was a time my life was filled with freshly baked goods. Alas, those days are long gone. Sad. Necessary.

Helaine still bakes, just not as often. She makes up for it with other creative delights from the kitchen. I had one today! It’s my current favorite.

Before I describe this dish I should mention I have Helaine’s permission to write about it, but only if I make clear this is one recipe she’s not giving out.

We’re talking asparagus soup! It’s an adaptation of Giada’s recipe, but made with Helaine’s immersion blender. It’s full of asparagus, basil, leeks, chicken broth and a few other secret ingredients.

To see it… to taste it you would think it’s a “Cream of…” soup. It is not. It’s as good for you as it is rich and creamy (without cream)!

What got me hooked on this soup is the heat. As you take each spoonful the spicy warmth builds slowly.

This soup is so good it should be illegal. It’s not chocolate torte or butter cookies, but it’s pretty darned close.

I’m a very lucky guy.

6 thoughts on “Soup Of The Gods”

  1. I am a single guy, so I don’t cook often. But when I do, I have fallen in love with asparagus. I can’t believe I did But I now have with my Saltae’d Mushrooms and Onions and now Saltae’d Asparagus, I even eat it raw, though not very often. LOL

  2. Aw come on Geoff… Share… I only recently re established a relationship with asparagus. This was a vegetable I despised as a child. It went from my plate to the garbage can in relatively short order. My daughter shared with me the way her boyfriend would prepare it. I have made it that way now several times and enjoy it immensely. Done under the oven broiler and not boiled to death which is the aforementioned memory I have of it. Ugh! In any case, an asparagus soup has sparked my interest. Sounds great and I’d love to try. Thanks.

  3. Asparagus is a lovely vegetable. It has a variety of nutrients, but researchers are thinking it lowers “inflammation” response which is huge for us “baby boomers”…Helaine is a good wife, selecting good foods for you, Geoff! 😀

  4. Giada’s Asparagus soup is very good on its own but would love to know how Helaine tweaked it. C’mon, Helaine, we won’t tell a soul!

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