I’m Ready For My Cameo

“I’ve just been with us when we were in high school,” I said at the sound of the tone.

I was in my car on my way home from Orange yesterday afternoon when I reached my friend Peter’s voicemail. Peter and I met as adults, but we understand each other’s background. We were both A/V Squad member nerdy geeks. We grew up separately, but on parallel paths.

“I’ve just been with us when we were in high school,” I said at the sound of the tone.

My trip to Orange started with an email from Nick Minore.

For my English final project, a group of students and myself are working on developing a student-produced news broadcast utilizing works of literature that we’ve read throughout our studies. Our plan is to take events from literature and report on them as real-world events, including weather, sports, finance, and movie reviews.

We came up with the idea to describe the weather and then thought of you. Would you be willing to assist us with our project by helping us produce a real-world weather broadcast? One of our group members has developed a studio, complete with lighting, sound equipment, and a full-sized green screen.

This is the kind of thing I normally don’t do, but I was curious.

The studio was located in a pool house behind Nick’s family’s home. The single room ‘house’ with ceilings high enough for lights is just the right size for a studio!

What amazed me was how well equipped Nick was. He didn’t have broadcast quality equipment or even many cases TV specific equipment. What he did have was an understanding of what was needed and the ability to ad lib and adapt.

The fill lights were decorative lanterns with paper shades that diffused the light. The blue chromakey wall was a sheet. A microphone was hung from a beam supporting the roof. There was a “control room in a box” TriCaster that Nick borrowed from a local producer he works for.

Nick’s father who fabricates metal for high performance race cars built an aluminum camera jib that would be the envy of most high end production companies! Seriously. Nice job.

Nick was accompanied by three other college bound Notre Dame High School students in Mrs. DelVecchio’s English class. One was the weatherman, the other two were the crew. I was there for a cameo!

A moment after the weatherman began to deliver his forecast I walked in and asked if this was where the meteorologist auditions were taking place. Funny? Maybe.

Did I add anything to their presentation? Probably not. In this case I was the one who got a treat by meeting these industrious kids.

Note to Mrs. DelVecchio: These kids love you. Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop.

13 thoughts on “I’m Ready For My Cameo”

  1. “Did I add anything to their presentation? Probably not.”

    Geoff…this will something they will talk about for years to come! I’m glad you were able to help them out! :o)

  2. Yes, it is a good thing to make a difference in this world, particularly when it is with young people. They will add your presence to the other good memories they have of high school, and I bet it will be near the top of that list. A little plus…you had fun, too!

  3. Good for you! I’ll bet you made a real difference in someone’s life today – and the teacher will love it too (always a good thing!).

  4. As one who teaches, I can tell you that by taking them seriously and working with them as you did, you’ve made a huge difference in their learning. And when they make their presentation, your cameo and your mentoring will add to the value of the project for everyone. Way to go, Geoff!

  5. Geoff, thanks for helping these students.My son has been talking about since you agreed to help out. By the sound of it you were just as thrilled as they were. The kids learned a life lesson today.Happy trails.

  6. How great for these kids that you were willing to come by and help out! This is the type of effort and initiative that I love to see in my students.They really took this project seriously. Congrats to both parties.

  7. Way to go Geoff! As someone who works with middle schoolers I know that this will make such a positive impact on the students you worked with. There are no Nielsen Ratings for touching lives but know that you earned something much more.

  8. Great job Geoff, It was a great story. I am sure they were
    thrilled you were there. We miss you and hope you come back
    on tv soon.

  9. I just recently saw this video… my nephew was one of the “reporters”. You were funny and the whole video was very creative. Today was their graduation and people were talking about your cameo appearance. 🙂 Gave me something to brag about at work too. Thanks!

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