I’m Rumor-boy

I am rumor-boy! Twitter is buzzing about me.

I am rumor-boy! Twitter is buzzing about me. Bloggers are blogging. The New Haven Register has weighed in.

I guess it’s tough to walk through a newsroom without making a little news!

Right now there’s nothing to say, but I am hopeful. Stay tuned.

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  1. Well Geoff, it does make a lot of sense.

    FOX CT has an opening for a meteorologist.
    You are available.
    You live in Connecticut.
    You were in their newsroom.
    As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  2. You’re an awful hard guy to replace, Geoff. Everyone’s waiting to see where you land. Hope for your sake wherever you wind up it’s a happy place. For everyone in Connecticut I hope (heck, we all hope) you’re w/in listening viewing range.

  3. Fox on Fox would be GREAT!! How catchy. But the real PLUSES are – we still get to see you, you don’t have to up and move (though new experiences can be fun), and you’ll provide some good competition for those that thought they were done with you.

  4. We can all hope can’t we? I do like the ring of Fox on Fox and we would still get “don’t go to bed yet!”.


  6. “Fox on Fox” Very Suessical! Fox in sox…don’t get me started! LOL Any and all body parts crossed!!


  8. I love it! “Fox on Fox so you CAN’T go to sleep yet!”…
    C’mon, is it possible, can you share a thread of your conversation while visiting? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Best wishes Jeoff… just please don’t let them advertise your joing the team by putting you in a crate and delivering you on stage in it!!! Good grief!

  10. You’re making headlines Rumor boy. Does this mean that we can expect you to now have a side kick and dress in tights and a cape???? LOL……hope the rumor is true Geoff….even if they did mispell your name on the visitors badge. Keep us all posted……

  11. Fox 61 would be lucky to have you….and I’d be thrilled to be able to watch your smiling face again! Fox on Fox would rock. I switched to WFSB and although I like them, I’d rather watch you and I know a heck of a lot of people who also feel that way.

  12. I never watch Fox61. But I will start if this comes to be.

    Just make sure your name is correct on your employee I.D. card.

    Best of luck.


  13. Oh Geoff….I could start watching the weather /news again!!! I have tried SO hard to find a news cast I could tolerate…but NO one does the weather better than YOU!!!

  14. Fingers crossed for you and the rest of your loyal following! If this does come true please, oh please, remember south eastern CT in your forecast. Finally I could watch a live weather forecast again!

  15. Good luck Geoff. Hope everything works out for you…Oh BTW, I’m on vacation July 1-4 what is the forecast for the Cape?

  16. Here’s hoping! I hope Fox is reading this blog showing everyone’s enthusiasm. We all want what is best for you, Geoff. And BTW, it would be great for us, too!!

  17. OMG…..Hurry up and let us know!!! We can’t wait to see you back in our living room!!!!

    We haven’t watched ‘8’ since they dumped you.

  18. I think FoxCT is climbing up the ratings ladder. This is what I now watch in the morning Geoff you would be the best addition to make it go to the top.

  19. Fortunately for all of us, LOCAL Fox is different than NATIONAL Fox.
    I find them to have the best local news of any of the stations. They consistently scoop TNH on things happening right in TNH’s back yard!

    Geoff, we are all waiting and hoping for the best to happen for you! You deserve it for being such a classy, honorable guy in the face of really low-class dirty shenanigans.

  20. I know you have been auditioning in NYC for commercials but I think the weather is where you should stay! Can’t wait to hear this news.

  21. Sooo crossing my fingers…Have been hoping so hard that we’d get to keep you here in CT…but again, I can’t be selfish–have to hope for what’s best for you and Helaine! (still, if you happened to STAY in CT…would be so awesome…) ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. I AM SO HAPPY!! I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying. Your a great meteorologist and you deserve it. Fox just got one more for there ratings and 8 lost one when they let you go.
    I’ll be waiting to hear!

  23. I hope it’s exactly what you are looking for Geoff. It would be nice to keep you here in the state and still be able to see you doing what you are so very good at.

  24. I am hopeful too! I very much miss seeing you on TV every night. It would be great if you could stay in Connecticut and go back to doing what you do so well.

  25. Yes! Yes! YES!!!!!
    You’ve got the looks, skill, experience, personality, perfect last name and a VERY loyal audience.
    What could they possibly be waiting for????

  26. Geoff, I know you’re gonna get the job at Fox (the power of positive thinking!) They will be very happy to have you and I’ll be happy to watch you on TV again.

    Can’t wait to hear what I know is true ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Fox squared! I could start getting my weather from the TV again… sticking my head out the window every day hasn’t worked so far ๐Ÿ™

  28. I can’t think of a more welcome turn of events! Fox 61 is on the fast track to #1 with you on board!! Geoff it can’t happen soon enough. Keep us posted.

  29. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope to see your forecasts again soon, however, it has been nice to read all the scientific aspects on here without the rush. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Yes ! Congrats and it seems like a great fit for you ! And finally, finally my 80 year old dad will stop yelling at the TV in his Coast Guard vernacular during dinner….

  31. OMG!!! please-please… we have all been patiently waiting – this would be the best thing ever !!! Fox 61 will pick up thousands of viewers if you join their team- and we would have you back on the air !!!!!!!!!!! keep us posted – we’re all exhausted ’cause “we can’t go to sleep yet”!!!!!!!

  32. At least FOX recognizes talent when they see it.
    You made it look so effortless to present a forecast in an interesting manner
    but since your departure I realize that not everyone has that talent.
    Best of luck.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  33. Was wondering what happened to my favorite meteorologist. I don’t watch news8 anymore, switched to another station. Would watch Fox if you were there. news8 also had a Matt that was on the weekends, wonderful, funny guy. Don’t like any of the new weathermen and won’t watch them again.

  34. I hope FoxCT moves quickly and hires you before some other station snatches you up. I can’t wait to see TNH’s ratings drop like a ball even more than they already have. The second best move for Foxct after you would be to steal Ann Nyberg! We’ve actually already started watching foxct since you left TNH b/c they have news/weather at better times for us.

  35. The “Fox” is out of the bag! Can’t wait to read your “official” discussion of the process here. Good luck and 73 from Tennessee, which also “lies on an active pothole fault”. Time for you to update your online resume here!

  36. Read the good news on FB this a.m. Congratulations Geoff! Please post details as soon as they are final. It’ll nice to watch you on FoxCT. I’ve been following the weather here, ’cause all the other people have been getting it wrong.


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