Radio Daze Part One: Chaz And AJ

This morning was the first time I’ve opened up about what happened at Channel 8. Cathartic! My chest has been cleared.

With my new FoxCT career beginning Monday I thought it would be fun to make the radio rounds today. First stop WPLR and the Chaz and AJ Show.

I’ve known Chaz for around twenty years. He’s always been exceptionally nice to me.

This morning was the first time I’ve opened up about what happened at Channel 8. Cathartic! My chest has been cleared.

The best part of the show was Helaine’s appearance. She was hysterical! Her timing is impeccable. The podcast isn’t up yet, but it will be interesting to hear (or possibly embarrassing to me… who knows).

This afternoon I drive to Connecticut Pubic Radio to sit in with Colin McEnroe and a panel of folks much smarter and more intellectually adept than I.

19 thoughts on “Radio Daze Part One: Chaz And AJ”

  1. Just listened to it – I’m glad the viewer response helped you and Helaine cope with the lousy situation. And she is hilarious – seems glad to have her evenings free again! I’m sorry Dr. Mel was not on your side – I’ve never been a fan of his, so I’m not surprised. And – re response from the station – I got an email back from Fox CT within an hour yesterday – still waiting to hear from TNH.

    1. Just go to the WPLR website and click on the Chaz show and ther will be a link you can click on to hear the segment. No download required.


  3. They are not your intellectual superiors on the Colin McEnroe show, Geoff. I’ve heard some smart and nice people on that show, but you are at least their equal.

  4. I just listened to the podcast on WPLR, it was great! It was very interesting to listen to your perspective of how the whole firing went down. After all the years that you were at WTNH you would think and hope they would have had more respect for you. They have lost a wonderful meteorologist and great communicator. What surprised me was the reaction of Dr. Mel. After all your time spent with him I would have respected him more if I heard that he had picked up the phone and at least called to wish you well. I know Dr. Mel is not a well man but, given his own personal medical issues that should have made him more compassioniate and sympathetic to the situation you were handed. CT is once again fortunate to have you still in the state that obviously loves your personality, knowledge of weather forecasting and wonderful sense of humor. Congratulations on your new “Fox on Fox” position. WooHoo…Geoff is back!!!

  5. I listened to the Podcast and would have to agree about WTNH
    I called several times and sent numberous e-mails and the one
    person on spoke to who was in charge of the ratings said the
    station was doing better in ratings since you left which I could
    not believe but would not let me have access to them or let me know how I could get them. They have no regard for us the viewers
    so I have no regard for them.

  6. Geoff, We ALL felt ill when the promo spots started airing right away with Dr. Mel saying ” he’s got the stuff” about your replacement. I did try to reserve judgement, but it just looked like a slap in the face. So sorry that you had to endure that! Loved listening to the podcasts, and look forward to seeing you once again on the air. (Is Helaine doing a jig?) She was SO funny on the air!!! God bless you both!

  7. I just listened to the Podcast – Wow! Thank you to PLR for posting that because I was not able to listen this morning. All I can say, again, is Wow! because there is not enough space here to say all that I want to. I was shocked and disappointed to hear first of all that you were gone from 8 and now how they did it. Awful. And I too, was ill when I saw those spots with Dr. Mel and the new guy, so soon after you were gone. It was like they were trying to convince the viewers that they did something good. And I also wrote to them and never got any sort of response – is that any way to treat a viewer? Well, they’ve lost me as a viewer. Anyway, I am so glad you posted your website,because I felt like you weren’t totally gone from our lives! I checked it out very often. I am really glad that you will be on Fox now, and I will once again look forward to the weather forecast – even if it’s bad weather! Love ya, Geoff and God bless you and Helaine and best of luck to you.

  8. Thank goodness you will be back on the air again Geoff!!!! I can’t wait for Monday! Fox on Fox will be my viewing station now!
    Our prayers have been answered!!!!! Congrats to you and Helaine :)!!!!

  9. Listening to WPLR this morning…it shocked me that WTNH could be so callous! Informing you your contract wasn’t going to be renewed at 4, and then expecting you to go on to do the weather at 5? Are you kidding me??? And Dr. Mel. Is there no loyalty? So glad you are now on FOX! We have satellite now, so we don’t get 61 yet, but we’ll be switching to cable ASAP!

  10. Hi! and congratulations for the new job. I have been your fan ever since i moved to CT. Actually, we are neighbors since I also live in Hamden.
    Frankly, I’ve been watching channel 8 very little, even if I like Sonia Bagdadi. I miss your weather reports and that Scott… with his funny gaze.. a joke..

    I am a little disappointed because, as a subscriber to Comcast I cannot get channel 61. I used to, but instead I now get NEC24 .
    Is there any way I can still get to see you?

    Best wishes and hope the commut is not too difficult!


  11. Guess your audition ( I’m ready for my cameo ) worked out well.Congatulations and best of luck.

  12. Geoff, so glad you are back on Ct. TV as our weatherman. I could not believe they allowed you to go at that other station. I used to enjoy you every year as you hosted the Ct. elementary school Principal Arts Awards for students. You sure were a great host.
    I’ll be watching!!

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