I’ll Take The Stairs

Last week I was huffing and puffing when I got to my desk. Today just puffing.

This work thing has sliced a pretty large chunk from my pajama time! That in turn has reduced my ability to work out. Helaine and I had been very dedicated, but now we’ve (OK – it’s me who’s responsible) sloughed off a little. That’s why I’m using the stairs at work exclusively.

The newsroom/studio complex is on the third floor, but this is not an office building. This is a plant! The presses for the Hartford Courant are underneath my feet. The ceiling in the studio is high enough to hang TV lights. Each floor of stairs looks to be more like a floor and a half… maybe two.

I’ve been up and down twice so far today. That’s two round trips in the blue bricked staircase. Last week I was huffing and puffing when I got to my desk. Today just puffing.

The elevator is very slow anyway!

16 thoughts on “I’ll Take The Stairs”

  1. I have worked in a press room… so I understand those stair cases.. keep up the good work and soon you may even run up them… and then you wont need to go to the gym to work out

  2. Our office in NYC is on the 10th floor. Lately one of the employees has challenged another to only take the stairs. The rest of us are waiting to see who dies first.

  3. You are so unique interacting with your viewers and sharing so many simple, everyday things!
    Not only are you so ingrained in our lives, I think we’re so ingrained in yours too 😉

  4. Well said, Wanda! I look forward to reading his blog posts and I ALWAYS click the like button to share! Thanks Geoff!

  5. Yeah, IIIIIIIIIIII don’t know about this one either. Sounds like an unregulated Stress Test to me. Since no one else uses the stairs (right?), you could konk out and expire before one of the beautiful blondes shows up to administer mouth-to-mouth.

  6. One hundred years ago, (OK, only feels like it) I used to read Confucius while waiting for an elevator. A good alternative until you lose patience!

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