Tim Wright Retires

If you don’t know Tim I ask you to judge his impact by the people who showed. I know I’m going to forget names so feel free to remind me.

Tim Wright’s been a shooter at Channel 8 for 31 years. He retired tonight. There are few in government, sports and politics who hadn’t run across Tim. Everyone in the media knows him. He is among the most relaxed people I know. No one laughs more, or more distinctly.

If you don’t know Tim I ask you to judge his impact by the people who showed. I know I’m going to forget names so feel free to remind me.

Bob Picozzi, Skip Church, Diane Smith. Kenn Venit. Former General Manager Lew Friefeld. Former everything else manager Stan Roman. Roseann. Nancy. Lisa. Nyberg, Kountz, Kramer, Baghdady, Finz.

The Chief.

Erin Cox is a new mother. She looked fabulous. She was radiant.

Tracey came after she dropped Tallulah off with Helaine. We are sitting.

Jose was upset with me.

Kent Pierce, Chris Velardi, Annie Roarke, Jocelyn (like Cher one name is sufficient), Kristen (ditto).

Rachel came from Boston.

Johnny Mongillo, the world’s most interesting man.

Connie and Marylee.

Dobratz and Pierson (unshaven and very Hollywood).

The food and open bar were on NABET the union that serves Channel 8’s photographers, engineers, floor crew, producers and directors. Thanks.

Tm’s been through film, then carrying a camera and large tape deck. We later shifted to camcorders — still bulky and now smaller and less expensive (though technically superior) cameras.

He has toted gear in every kind of bad weather imaginable. While reporters are in the truck writing stories guys like Timmy Wright are often outside setting up the live shot.

Tim will retire to South Carolina where the snow seldom falls and where he’ll never be asked to stay overtime or work a sixth day.

Someone commented it was “good to see Tim leave standing.” Yes it was.

Click for Ann Nyberg’s photos from Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Tim Wright Retires”

  1. I worked at WTNH twice so I recognize alot of those names – I lived with Connie when I worked for Larry. Stan Roman – I haven’t heard that name in years! Great guy. So is Lew. I remember Tim too and I hope he enjoys his retirement – he deserves it!

  2. Congrats to Tim on his retirement! He is truly one of the best people I have worked with, and I hope he will have a wonderful retirement. That guest list Geoff mentioned reads like a who’s who of WTNH veterans over the past 25+ years. Viewers would of course recognize the on-air personalities but the list of the behind-the-scenes names is quite impressive to anyone who knows who they are, and how long ago some of them moved on from WTNH! They came together because they all share one thing in common: a great respect for Tim Wright. Enjoy your time off, Tim, and congratulations! 🙂

  3. Congrats to Tim! I also have very fond memories of him. He was always very patient and good to me, even when I asked the stupid questions! All the best, Tim!!!

  4. Geoff I have been thinking of retirement parties and leave taking from the work place ever since you left Channel 8. My husband, an engineer, retired in October with 40 years at Sikorsky. I retired in October with 17 years in nursing with the Orange VNA. We had retirement parties that were amazing and given by wonderful people that we wanted to be there. We will always have fond memories of these events. You deserved BETTER after all your years at Channel 8 and your service to your viewers and the community. You deserved to be celebrated and acknowledged. SO….. whenever you are ready to party let all of us know. We will have to secure a big enough venue. All the best! Sandy

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