I Am The Spokesman… Officially

Obviously I want to be associated with a car which will safely deliver me to work on the days I’m there to tell you to stay home!

I mentioned a few days ago I’d become spokesman for a car dealer. Now the announcement’s been made so I can say it’s Premier Subaru in Branford. You’ll start seeing commercials I made with Bob Alvine, Premier’s president, pretty soon.

How the hell did all of you guess it was a Subaru from the out-of-focus Photoshopped image I used in my earlier blog post?

In the abstract I wanted to do commercials. From a practical standpoint I soon realized not every sponsor was compatible with me. I tried to be very careful making this choice (they did too).

Subaru is an excellent car (read the reviews — I did) with a great reputation. The same goes for Premier’s reputation.

Obviously I want to be associated with a car which will safely deliver me to work on the days I’m there to tell you to stay home! Subaru’s are all wheel drive and (again) have a reputation for superior winter handling. I plan on putting it to the test!

30 thoughts on “I Am The Spokesman… Officially”

  1. As I said in the other blog posting, with the blurry photo, awesome! Congrats! Hope you enjoy your Subie! Welcome to the family! It’s the best AWD system.

  2. congrats and nicely done Geoff. Inmo far too many local car dealers go with a low budget creepy,corny approach to their ads, why they all do this I have no idea. This web preview looks very professional and inviting.

  3. some folks figured it out because when you announced it here w/ the out-of-focus pic of a Subaru, simultaneously one of your former colleagues posted on FB saying there was a new spokes-person for Premiere, using an out-of-focus pic of YOU.

  4. Geoff, it’s really very simple…. You attract a group with an above average I.Q. @ Gary, I didn’t see that!… I’ll have to go back and do some trolling through the FB pg’s… : )

    Nice to see you expanding your option list there Geoff. Never know who may be watching……

  5. Congratulations, Geoff! Great commercial! You will love your Subaru……..my son has been driving one for 10 years. They are fantastic cars!

  6. That and the fact that Bob Alvine has been a frequent poster on your facebook accounts – made lots of sense.

    1. Yes, I met and got to know Bob through Facebook. It’s difficult to explain, but I felt very comfortable from the moment we met in real life.

  7. I’m very pleased you’re speaking for Subaru. That is the car I would most like to drive and should I hit Lotto, I’m heading straight for Premier! 😀 Will be looking forward to your commercials!

  8. Subarus are wonderful cars – I had one years ago and would consider them again if they had one that would hold 2 large dogs (or if I had fewer dogs). It was reliable, fun to drive – good mileage – loved it! Can’t say the same for the dealers – I finally blew my top with the 8 am call on Saturday, after weeks of calls and letters. I think they prefer decisive customers – or those they can bully into being decisive. Not my style. But I’m happpy for your new gig!

  9. If you own a Subaru, it was especially easy to guess…we know our models!! Which model are they giving you to drive? Or maybe you can try several. We have a Forester and a Legacy…Forester is great for toting stuff around and the Legacy has a smooth ride. And, I gotta know…was the blurry photo an Impreza??

  10. My husband and I are on our 3rd Subaru. I am sure you will enjoy driving one. We will probably get a fourth when my car needs replacing in a year or so.

  11. Geoff,,,
    Wishing you luck with the ads,,,
    May I make a suggestion…
    Keep the arms waist high , like the gentleman next to you…
    You’ll look more relaxed and natural. 🙂

    1. Geoff, you look just fine with your arms by your side – if you copied the other fellow you’d look like the Bobbsey Twins!

      Great job, very professional!!

      1. Obviously, you know nothing of filming.
        Not professional at all.
        The director didn’t do his job.
        Was not bashing Geoff, so calm down.

  12. Uh, it wasn’t the photo – it was the comment regarding AWD that clued some of us in. As I recall, there’s at least one other CT weatherman who drives a Subaru for the same reason.

  13. Every time I have to drive in a snowstorm (and there are times I really have to) I am very glad that I’m driving a Subaru Forester. Of course, that doesn’t stop my wife from worrying about other nearby drivers in non-Subarus. Enjoy your new vehicle, Geoff. Its reliability will only enhance your own!

  14. I believe their web site had a similiar picture and said something about a local celebrity, that recently went through some major changes and came out on top…..or something to that effect……. see we are a high IQ group, we can add 2+2 🙂

  15. Congratulations Geoff, on your new car and commercial. Does it come in a convertible? That would be perfect. I’m glad you are partnering with someone in this part of the world.

    Great to be watching you on T.V. again. I look forward to the weather once again. No one explains it as well as you do.

    “Don’t go to sleep yet………….”

  16. You can combine your Mr. Science topic needs with your Subaru gig — WHY ARE THEY SUCH AMAZING CARS? Tell us, Mr. Science. I drive a 1997 Subaru Outback Sport (it had its Bat Mitzvah last summer). It has close to 207,000 miles on it and runs PERFECTLY. Regular oil changes keep it humming. Sure, I’ve gone through a few transmissions and lots of tires, and there’s a bit of rust here and there from the little scrapes that resulted when I was careless, but it is still as zippy and fun as the day I bought it. I can’t say enough about this car. Congratulations on your wise choice of cars to promote,

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