Reassuring News On The Snow Front

On this day in 1977 it snowed! Some parts of the Northwest Hills got as much as nine inches.

Kudos on this go to my weather partner at FoxCT Rachel Frank and the Hartford Courant which never throws anything away! On this day in 1977 it snowed! Some parts of the Northwest Hills got as much as nine inches. North of Hartford Bradley Airport got an inch and a half.

The good news is May 9 is the latest it’s ever snowed in Connecticut… well, at least as far as we know. Recorded history doesn’t go back far enough to make rash generalizations.

I was living in Philadelphia in May ’77. Had I been living here I would have been suicidal!

9 thoughts on “Reassuring News On The Snow Front”

  1. I remember passing the tobacco field which had just been set up and many of them came down from the weight of the snow

  2. It snowed in the Litchfield Hills on May 24, 2002. I know because I was getting married exactly a year later and I was worried it would snow on my wedding day!

  3. Is anyone else having trouble viewing Geoff’s website in full html? Every other website I go to is fine, but just Geoff’s is not coming up correctly..there are no graphics, no color, no banner, just the text. I restarted the computer, too. Everything was fine earlier today and like I said, all other websites are just fine. hmmmm.

      1. Thanks for letting me know. Looks like a plugin upgrade killed me! Will troubleshoot later tonight. The site is running without the plugin right now.

  4. @ Laura: Yes. I was having issues accessing this site as well. I thought it was me, but nope! I remember hearing stories from my folks about this.

  5. Why not do a segment on Ham radio? Seems like you’re kinda involved. you could show the equipment needed and talk about the help hams give during disasters. After all when things go really bad there’s no communications including cell phones. Hams have all their equipment setup for portable use. Just a thought. Sometimes they don’t get enoff press.

  6. I knew I liked Rachel Frank. Snow right now would be such a nice present from nature. Lets face it, it’s not like it would stick around, and people would get over it. It’s called life for a reason.
    Come on Geoff you lived in Buffalo, snow is no big deal. Ice on the other hand is the pitts. I loved up in Bath, New York. 40 miles from the snow belt. Loved it. We didn’t know what a snow day was until we moved back to Connecticut. (Ouch 30 years ago) Oh well I will dream about snow, and wait patiently til it blesses us with its presence, once again.

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