Stressed Skin? Really?

This woman’s name is Summer Rayne! If I didn’t hang with her parents in the sixties I certainly knew people like them.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ve just paused the TV, rolled back the DVR and re-watched a commercial. They’re selling something for “stressed skin.” Seriously? Have we whittled down the world’s problems to the point we can spare time to worry about “stressed skin?”

The spokesperson is Summer Rayne Oaks, eco activist. More on that in a sec, but this woman’s name is Summer Rayne! If I didn’t hang with her parents in the sixties I certainly knew people like them.

I don’t know what an eco activist is, but Summer Rayne Oakes is an industry! She is selling herself hard. I understand why companies would buy. She is beautiful and socially pure.

But back to the premise. Am I just being picky or did they make up a condition to sell more cream?

Let me know if you have “stressed skin.”

28 thoughts on “Stressed Skin? Really?”

  1. I have skin. It has many characteristics; dry, moist, scraped, cut, itchy, freckled, old. But no, it has never exhibited any signs of psychological problems, stress or otherwise.

    I don’t know. Maybe we just haven’t been good listeners. 😉

  2. I don’t think there is a part of me that is not stressed, skin included, but can a cream really cure that?

  3. “Have we whittled down the world’s problems to the point we can spare time to worry about “stressed skin?”

    Apparently we’ve whittled them down enough for you to complain about it. You liberals are always so quick to point out the flaws in the logic of others but fail to notice that you’re being hypocrites at the same time.

      1. I love you as a weatherman, Geoff. I have a lot of respect for what you do on television. Sometimes you’re a little off the deep end with this blog though.

        1. I don’t see anything “off the deep end” regarding commenting about a product designed to treat a skin condition may not even exist.

          Also, what do politics have to do with this. There’s nothing liberal or conservative about questioning the authenticity of claims made about a product sold on TV.

          1. Mike, I said he was off the deep end with the blog, not the post. You’re clearly a liberal too because you’re choosing to read things that aren’t there.

            We both know Geoff’s politics and they speak to a state of mind whether you like it or not. His state of mind leads him to believe that the world is full of problems to be solved so we don’t have time for solving things like screwed up skin. That wouldn’t even cross a conservative’s mind because they don’t look to criticize people based on what they perceive as their own problems. Individual liberty is the key here. Geoff believes that people should worry about other things; presumably things like poverty and the environment. So, Mike, his core beliefs and values are based on liberalism. If I said Democrats vs. Republicans then I would have been referring to politics. That reading thing is tricky though.

  4. Now that’s interesting because I have an autoimmune skin condition called Granuloma Annulare and one of the “possible” things that set it off is STRESS! So I guess, yes, I have stressed skin. Something tells me she doesn’t.

  5. Stressed skin….why yes, I have stressed skin. I have all of the little hypochondriac thingys that me special to advertisers:

    I’m bald (Rogaine?)
    I’m fat (Jenny Craig?)
    I’m poorly dressed (Old Navy?)
    I wear glasses (Lasik?)

    Gosh darn, I feel special.

    1. I’m with you on that, Steve.

      I hate that ad – b/c if she’s so busy being an ecofreak, why is she letting an ad company glunk up her skin w/ all the nasty makeup necessary to make her look good on camera?

      And does anyone really believe that the product she’s boosting is actually “all natural” in a healthy way? After all, many of the chemicals in not-“natural” products are natural! Arsenic is natural, after all! So is lead. Both have been touted as beauty products in previous centuries.

      Finally, is her name really “Summer Rayne”? And is she really employed in some field that is “natural” and “eco-friendly”? Enquiring minds want to know!

  6. Kyle, you missed the whole point.
    Steve, there will be snake oil salesmen as long as there are people who will buy…

  7. As a child I saw commercials that were for similar products. though they were called WRINKLES! Companies have been selling products for WRINKLES for years. Now companies are looking for a new angle to sell a product that does the same. So they pick an angle that suits our present society. Everybody feels stress theses days, from everyday life, jobs, kids, ect. So, lets call it “STRESSED SKIN” better than WRINKLES right? I don’t know just my point of view.

  8. In mechanical engineering, stressed skin is a type of rigid construction, intermediate between monocoque and a rigid frame with a non-loaded covering

  9. Hey,GEOFF! My wife has “MODERATE” psoriasis, mainly from STRESS,but, i doubt a cream like this, can really help. I’m a night person, who cruises my program guide, when nothing interesting is on. Usually i get hooked bt the time-life music sell offs. There are so many skin afflictions and an even ammount of “CURES”, that have info-mercials hawking their wares. Some, can be entertaining,BUT, others can be down-right “ANNOYING”. The anti-acne creams, are the “WORST”.
    By the way,WELCOME BACK, to the air waves, AND, congrats on the NEW HAVEN ADVOCATEs BEST OF AWARD, been a long time coming!!
    SO, how does it feel being an “ICON”?????

  10. Oh wow, Alison(That is my friend by the way from Nebraska) didn’t know that, but cool. I have dry skin as stated, but not stressed skin. I use cream for my dry skin. Forgot to add that to my post!

  11. Reading Kyle’s posts caused me stress!! Must be tough to live with so much negativity and anger.

  12. I’m just gonna chuck it all, go live in a teepee in Big Sur and eat trail mix and read poetry by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. A pox on you liberals and conservatives, I say! A pox on both your houses! Who knows, if I don’t run into Summer Rayne I might rub elbows with Autumn Winde.

  13. It’s a new, catchy phrase to, yes, sell more cream. Stressed skin = wrinkled, looser, dry, or oily skin. Silly gimmik. All you need is Cetaphil lotion for your skin. Just ask me and Ozzy Osbourne.

  14. Stressed skin is skin of everyone who is stressed and it means exposed to too many negative influences. But life is about living, which means basically exposing ourselves all the time to something. Just don’t watch commercials!

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