How’s The New Job Geoff?

I’ve only been at FoxCT four weeks. I am still on the honeymoon. Give me time. I’ll find things to complain about.

A lot of people have asked how I like the new job? If you’re a skeptic you’re probably thinking, “He wouldn’t tell me if it was bad.” I wouldn’t, but that’s not a concern. It’s the opposite of bad!

The differences between the old place and FoxCT are immense. I worked in a building with around 100 people. Now I work with 700 people.

There are economies of scale we have the old place never did. Things as simple as having mechanics on-staff to fix live trucks or security round-the-clock. Simply put there are now “people for that.”

We have an engineer in the control room during all newscasts with no other task than being there should something go wrong. Wow!

I’ve been at FoxCT less than a month, but see a very different attitude toward our mission. The people I work for feel there is money to be made by making an investment in a better product. If you watch you’ll immediately see it’s a fuller newscast with less repetition and fluff.

It’s possible the folks I worked for before also had this goal. I just didn’t see it implemented.

I am working with some very smart people. I hope they like me. I like them a lot.

It’s cool for me to be in a newsroom which is both TV and newspaper (Hartford Courant). I am a newspaper groupie. Having newspaper people in close proximity is a good influence on TV reporters.

On a personal level I have been supported in promotion and encouraged to be more involved on-air. Over the past decade my participation in live broadcasts from the field and science reporting had been cut to zero. Now I get to do science features nearly every day.

I’ve only been at FoxCT four weeks. I am still on the honeymoon. Give me time. I’ll find things to complain about. Right now it’s fab!

Oh… there is the driving. If they could only move the building closer to me.

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  1. That can be the downside with a new job, Geoff. But, if it hasn’t happened already, you can do the commute in your sleep.
    There is always the adjustment, but it sounds like you have walked into a great environment.

  2. Any free limos out there Fox fans? Seriously the staff and newscasts are great! Wish it was on at 5:00pm but 4:00 will do fine for now.

  3. It’s so cool that you’re at FoxCT now, Geoff! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to be at a job that you LOVE going to??? I haven’t had that feeling in YEARS! Now that I’m not working due to medical issues, I am SERIOUSLY craving that feeling!! Nice to see you’re a happy camper!!!!!

  4. So inconsiderate of them not to move their building to your home neighborhood!!! The nerve of some people!!!! lol.
    But you’ll manage the commute just fine as you get more used to it. Just keep your distance from the Cheshire police….

  5. Like you, I had a bad separation from a job I was wedded to for many years (media, yes, newspaper), and had the good fortune to land a new one with some excellent people. Unlike you, it’s almost literally down the street from where I live!

  6. I have been watching you since your debut on FOXCT. The newcasts are awesome and so aren’t you. Your weather forecasts and sceince segments have been awesome! I never miss out on seeing you on FOXCT. You are doing such and amazing job!

  7. Like so many others Geoff, I have been thrilled to see you on FoxCT. I have been catching the 11:00 newscast since you joined up with them. It has never been better to hear you tell me not to go to sleep yet!!! The on-air folks at Fox are very personable and make all the stories informative without all the hype. I always thought the ‘other place’ had the worst technicians in the world!!! So glad to have you back on air. Keep doin’ what you do, I wish you all the best…

    1. It’s a really good place to work. Like so many other media companies Tribune has had its share of money troubles. At the moment none of that is in evidence to me. We put more people on the street covering more stories every day.

  8. so Geoff.. Just wondering how many times in the last month you have made a “wrong turn” heading toward the other place because it was jsut the usual thing to do.

      1. Hey,GEOFF! I always thought of FOX as being a no-nonsense kind of newscast. “HAPPY TALK” is nice,BUT, getting down to business,is what on-air talent is truly there for. I watch both FOX, and “THE OTHER GUYS”, thank god, you are BOTH on at different times. I usually record shows in the evening, so, i always have a chance to watch a newscast. I really missed your reports on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL, way back when. Seems science gets the short end of the stick, on many channels. Just one question, were YOU, the first weather-caster in CT, to start using computer models and use the data???

  9. Yeah. I meant “So Are You” My apologies about that and any spelling errors! It’s been a long week for me due to stress and a cousin of mine moving and all and moving out of CT for college but yeah I meant the “So Are You” You did a wonderful job yesterday and glad you were on three times once again and you are really doing a wonderful Job on FoxCT. FOXCT is the only news station I watch. The newsteam is great and so are you! You’re awesome!

  10. I was glad to see you were on the 10pm, newcast last night I have
    been falling asleep before the 11 one so I don’t always get to
    see you. I am glad you are fox. Just a note on WTNH it was on the
    other night during Anne and Darren and so many times they would
    be doing a story the video would be wrong it seemed like a child
    was running the video.

  11. Geoff, it’s exciting to watch – seems like you have a new energy and it feels like it may be coming from a new and stimulating environment. I have to tell you how much I am enjoying the move with you over to Fox, and LOL about you not saying the wrong line when we’re not supposed to go to sleep yet. I have to admit I was cringing the first few nights you said it!

  12. Congrats on the new gig.

    All things happen for a reason and from the looks of Channel 8 news of late you’re better off being where you are at FOXCT.

    By the way do me a favor and say hello to Joe Furey.

    Joe and I worked together at CBS Radio (WTIC-AM WTIC-FM WRCH-FM WZMX-FM)until I was downsized in July 2006 along with 120 plus others across the US. Just remind Joe I did commercial continuity with Ginny and he’ll remember. Joe’s a lot of fun to work with.

  13. So happy everthing is going well for you on Fox. On my days off, I catch you on the 4pm shows and really enjoy your science segments. I can’t always stay awake until 11pm, my workday starts at 7am, so I really enjoy when you also do the weather at 4pm on Fridays. I also check in with WTNH every now and then and agree that there are numerous technical mistakes. I too also believe everything happens for a reason and you will be better off at your new home!!

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