It’s Summer In The Greenhouse

Let’s face it, the weather has sucked this spring! We’re in the midst of a depressing rainy spell that isn’t over yet.

Things are going well on Broad Street in Hartford. So far I’ve gotten everything I’ve asked for at work, including the chance to do a weekly gardening segment (beginning in a few weeks). I haven’t done that since “Geoff’s Garden” back in the 90s.

Seriously? The 90s?

Yesterday afternoon I drove to Robert Treat Farm in Milford. They’ll be helping with some of the planning and materials. Nice people. Green thumbs. Beautiful plants.

Let’s face it, the weather has sucked this spring! We’re in the midst of a depressing rainy spell that isn’t over yet. That was on my mind when I drove up.

The farm was nice, but there was a bonus I hadn’t expected. I walked into one of their greenhouses and was immediately hit by warm, slightly humid air. I was shielded from the rain, but feeling the season. Nirvana!

If I could bottle that feel I’d be rich before the weekend. Seeing the colors and feeling the warmth was invigorating. I think we all need some invigorating right now.

Before long I had to leave and drive to work. As soon as I got in the car I had to turn on the wipers. Buzzkill.

19 thoughts on “It’s Summer In The Greenhouse”

  1. The rain has actually been good for the plants that I transplanted to containers for my deck.
    Also just saw a young fox at my small pond in the back yard.

  2. Geoff – It’s so great to see your face back on Channel 8, even if it is only in a car commercial! They usually run the ad before the next weather report in the early morning. I still use rabbit ears, so I can’t see you on Fox. Glad to read that you have an even better position now.

  3. Yes, TNH must be choking on that Subaru ad!!!

    But what I really want to know: have you noticed that only the dark purple and light-purple-with-dark-purple-veins colors of Petunias have the beautiful scent??? I think in engineering the genes to make newer forms of this old garden faborite, they have lost one of the best things about it: that wonderful smell!!
    I’m jus’ sayin’…

    By the way, you look very at home on that tractor!

  4. Playing in the dirt is one of my passions….just LOVE my flowers and veggie garden. I will be looking forward to you segments!!

  5. Great pictures, Geoff – your photos are amazing. Are you going to be driving tractors for your new segment? Does Fox 61 have the insurance company on speed-dial?

  6. Great photos of the flowering plants. I have a form of a Lilac Bush/Tree that blooms later than others and am very much looking forward to the scent filling my living room as it is near a window! My husband will love the gardening segments. He does a veggie/herb garden every year.

  7. I sooooooo loved Geoff’s Garden! Thanks so much for reviving it. I remember you were following the “square foot method”. That was when I got interested in gardening. You were growing things on the roof of the station, then your house. My baby was about 1.
    Soooooo happy!

  8. geoff great idea the garden love to see you get your hands dirty lol.whats this i hear NOAA giving hurricanes first and last names and they say we are going to have a 11 name storms

  9. Awesome pictures of the flowering plants. They are beautiful! Also great pic of you on the tractor. Thanks for sharing them!

  10. Pansy blossoms literally dissolve and turn into a slimy mess in this wet weather. I’m so excited about “Geoff’s Garden”. Can’t wait!

  11. Here in Bristol we had Larsons Nursery nearby for many years, until they sold out to Walmart across the street and eventually closed, LA Fitness there now. I loved going in early spring, when they opened and smelling the warm, moist earth. It’s great for the spirit when it’s cold and lousy outside. I miss that. Now I haunt the gardening departments in Home Depot and Walmart when I can, but thanks for the reminder….

  12. I’m so glad the gardening segments are coming back. I remember them well. Didn’t you grow tomatoes on the roof? We lived very near Robert Treat Farms for many, many years. I think they’ve been there forever. I remember old Mr. Treat. They are wonderful people and in the summer their vegetables (oh, the incredible corn!) are the best! Also, a great place to go at Halloween and for Christmas Trees!

  13. I remember when you did your gardening segment on that “other channel” years ago and I really missed it when it ended. I am happy to hear you are going to do it again, this time on Fox. Will it be on the 4:00, 10:00 or 11:00 program?

  14. Great to see you on fox. I also saw the commercial on WTNH, I loved it. I also 8 is pushing the 11:20 weather special. I am glad things are going good for you Geoff you deserve it.

  15. Hi Geoff, I grew up in Milford only a couple miles from Treat’s, so they have been there a long time. Over the last few years they rebuilt the buildings and it really looks nice. I love gardening and can’t wait for this rain to end!! I think this is such a beautiful time of year with all the flowering trees and bushes. Enjoyed your pictures! Looking foward to your gardening segments.

  16. Loved Geoff’s Garden and happy to hear it is returning…just wish there was a 6 o’clock news segment on Fox.

  17. Hmmm… Treat’s looks like a really great place! Think I need to take a road trip and buy some nice plants! Thanks for the info!! Looking forward to those gardening tips again!!

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