My Garden’s Layout

It’s an ‘as-built’ schematic for the garden.

I just got an email from Amie who’s helping coordinate my on-air summer franchise. It’s an ‘as-built’ schematic of “Geoff’s Garden.” I love technology! Click on the image to see a larger version.

I’ll be in the garden Thursday at 4:00 pm. It will be posted online later.

6 thoughts on “My Garden’s Layout”

  1. Awesome! High class all the way!
    Save a little spot to plant garlic and onions in this fall. Then you can report from “Geoff’s Garden” through the winter and early Spring too!
    Exciting. Thanks for listening to your viewers, and thanks to FoxCT for letting you do this gem!

  2. You should look into setting up a drip irrigation system tied into an automatic timer/controller…it’s a great setup for anyone that likes to tinker with technology in the garden!

  3. My 11 year old daughter has been after me to help her put in a garden. I’m tempted to copy yours! Looks great.

    I’m hoping you’ll address keeping the critters away. I have visions of the deer and bunnies feasting on whatever we try to grow.

    I was thinking you said you were going to have some flowers mixed in with the vegetables…

  4. Geoff, I’d like to be able to lay out my garden in a diagram like yours. Can you find out what program/software was used? That’s a very nice picture. Thanks..

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