My Office At Home

I need to be strong. Throwing stuff out takes strength.

I have a room. It’s my room at home. I call it an office. That’s not a terribly good description. A little presumptuous maybe? My room has a desk, chair, computers, TV, bookshelf.

This seemed like a good time to catch up on decorating things after 21 years in this house. My office was a good candidate for remediation considering it’s been virtually untouched since day one.

I did the easy things first. All the furniture was removed. The room was left absolutely empty.

I’ve done a few things differently now that the room is coming back together. They’ve made a huge difference.

My computer monitors used to be offset to the right. Now they’re directly ahead.

I’ve got a new firmer chair with more support. It’s up a little higher.

The computer is now under the desk instead of alongside it. It is in a space totally unusable for anything else, so I’ve reclaimed a few square feet.

My TV which sat on a filing cabinet is on a TV stand I built last weekend. It is at a slightly different angle, but one that makes TV viewing more direct and comfortable.

These are all nuances. Taken cumulatively they begin to add up and make a significant difference.

There’s still a lot that’s not unpacked. I haven’t missed much of it. I want to throw lots out. I want Saturday to be a cleansing moment for me.

I need to be strong. Throwing stuff out takes strength.

5 thoughts on “My Office At Home”

  1. Ihave a little alcove in our bedroom next to the only windows in the room my desk is up against one wall.i have 3 potted plants on the window sill.its 5feet by 7 the desk and chair was a put together

  2. Good luck with the ‘throwing stuff out’ thing! I need to do the same, but I keep wimping out. Be strong!

  3. We have a room in the house I still call “the Office”. It was once, maybe 15 years ago. Then my partner’s family had no place to live so they moved in with 2 kids, one got “the office”. Then another daughter of hers came with 3 kids for a summer. When they all moved out we had two elderly women live with us as an alternative to going to a nursing home. Both lived with us until they passed many years later. Some how it became the storage room… right now there’s things in there somewhere that I haven’t seen in years… I sort of even know where in the quagmire they are. Maybe you’ll inspire me to reclaim it… Heck I could even do a tag sale to help clean it out!!

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