Out And About This Weekend

I’ve been making lots of appearances recently. It’s not like I was a shrinking violet before, but viewer response during my ‘hiatus’ energized me. It’s tough to say no after so many people have been so nice and supportive of me.

Today I went to the Tournament Players Club with the rest of our FoxCT weather team to sign some autographs and say hello to Travelers Championship fans.

When people come to me (as some did today) and tell me they think I got a raw deal or they’ve changed their viewing habits because of me I am gratified. I’m sure the people saying those things have no idea how much impact they have on me. It’s huge.

Tomorrow evening I’ll be in Branford at the Town Dock for the Town Band concert and fireworks. It’s a “dry or delay” situation. I’m worried there might be rain and the concert/fireworks will be put off until Sunday when I can’t go.

Sunday I’m in North Haven for the Irish Festival. Though I’m not Irish I’m looking to be adopted for the day!

If you’re at any of these events will you please come and say hello? I want to meet you and say thanks.

9 thoughts on “Out And About This Weekend”

  1. Regarding changing viewing habits, I did just that when you started at FoxCT. I had NEVER watched that channel before then. Now I not only have you in my viewing life again, I get to see our family friend Chris Lyons do his weekly “Cold Case” feature. Have you met him? Great guy.

  2. We won’t have the opportunity to meet, Geoff, as I won’t be attending any of the mentioned events…but you’re welcome!

  3. Jeff, because you are so active and a professed night owl, I think you should change the name of your blog to: “Life After 8”
    Enjoy having you back in our TV life again.

  4. I wish I could attend those events this weekend as I would love to meet you someday and I hope I do if you are at an event in my area , but you’re welcome! Have a great time at the events this weekend!

  5. It is true, due to you I no longer watch WTNH. I am enjoying watching you at 4:00 and I love the science and technology pieces that you do.

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