Eight Years Ago Today: My Blog’s Anniversary

What this blog does provide is a running narrative on my life. I often go back to entries reference while trying to remember something that’s happened.

It’s the 4th of July. It’s a hot and sticky day. I’ve got to work. In that regard today is similar to July 4, 2003 the day this blog began. Pretty much everything else has changed over the course of 4,903 entries and 14,168 comments.

Stef was in high school. I hadn’t completed my courses for Mississippi State. There was no Facebook or Twitter or iPhone. Ivy was still with us, relaxing and comforting. I drove south on I-91 to get to work!

Geofffox.com existed before the blog began, but it was (in the custom of the day) a “one off.” Everything had to be custom coded. It wasn’t made to be updated regularly–certainly not every day.

My friend Peter Sachs was the driving force here. He made the suggestion. He actually mounted the software on his server! I used MovableType then. It’s WordPress now.

The first day’s entry got a few dozen hits. I was ecstatic. Now I average thousands of views daily. I lost the real count years ago, but estimate my cumulative traffic has surpassed 5,000,000 page reads.

Posting a daily entry has become an obsession. The last day I didn’t post was October 22, 2006, a day I was sick enough to have a doctor (whose face I never saw) visit my hotel room in Las Vegas!

With Facebook and Twitter posting a blog is a lot less important. Blogging is now “old school.” There have been times I’ve thought of stopping.

What this blog does provide is a running narrative on my life. I often go back to entries while trying to remember something that’s happened.

I perceive the blog has lost some of its edge since I’ve gone to work at FoxCT. Being happy and content doesn’t make for provocative entries.

Thanks for coming here. It means a lot to me.

17 thoughts on “Eight Years Ago Today: My Blog’s Anniversary”

  1. Hey Geoff,

    Congrats on 8 years. As far as stopping, as long as you have something to say, don’t stop. You do have “at least a few” readers out here (just joking)…Still can remember seeing Ivy when you brought her to do the weather. She would just sit there so patiently looking at the camera. She would be the star that night…

    So, I wonder what you’ll be talking about 8 years from now???


  2. Geoff, Please don’t stop “the blogging.” I (being old) don’t Tweet or Twitter or Myspace or Facebook. I do have a cell phone though and even use about 20 – 30 minutes a month. LOL! I also can get around on this computer. I do watch you now on Fox and like to keep up with your stories here. Never a dull moment in your life. Keep up doing what you do you’re a cool guy. 😉

  3. I think that, like me, many viewers took your presence for granted at WTNH. I was moved to post in your blogs like thousand of viewers, shocked by the news. Given the chance to show my sincere admiration and appreciation over the years, replying to your posts is like chatting with an old friend.

    I like to hear about your day. I am not one to ask for an autograph or a photo but a simple, mundane exhange is special enough.

    Thanks for being family!

  4. Glad your happy & content!! What more could you ask? You have it all Geoff, you are a lucky man. Enjoy every minute!! Love your 4 pm on Fox always interesting!!

  5. You’re welcome for coming by to your blog whenever you post. Love to read what you post. You’re blogs are awesome and so are you! Your blogs never bore me! Congrats on the 8 years!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations! I never knew you had a blog until January of this year. I enjoy reading your blog every day. I have also skipped around reading some of your older entries. Thank you for the information about Fairytale Brownies! They are delicious! 🙂

    I took your presence for granted at your previous job. I was shocked by the bad news. I enjoy seeing you on TV every night on Fox CT.

  7. Congrats on 8 years of blogging Geoff! As others posted, I only discovered your blog this January, never knowing what I was missing! Keep up the good work, don’t stop (believing)!

  8. Not always necessary to be provacative. Just keep writing, please. You’ve got a way with words and it would be a shame to stop now.

  9. I did not know2 that you blogged (is that a word) before the upheavel at “that station” but I have followed you ever since and I enjoy reading whatever you have to say. It started as a way to offer support but I have always liked you and I like the chance to keep up with what you are up to.

  10. I don’t respond to every blog. But, I do stop by every now and then to read the past posts. I would only post something when I really have something to say. I don’t want to clutter up the posts here with nonsense….ok maybe I do on occasion.

  11. Like some of the other responders, I discovered your blog when you had that unfortunate (or perhaps it was actually fortunate in the long run) experience at your old job. I was glad you had a way of purging yourself of some of your uneasy feelings and I was also glad that I could help you through those difficult days along with so many others. You are a gifted writer. I hope that one day you’ll have the confidence and desire to put your words into book form. I think you would do well. In any case, congratulations on 8 years of blogging. That’s a milestone many of us will never achieve and one you have a right to be proud of.

  12. Holy cow! 8 years!

    I think that this qualifies as the oldest blog that I follow. Doesn’t qualify for total posts because I used to follow one that was sitting at about 5,000+ at the beginning of this year, but quantity is way overrated. Quality is what counts.

    Keep up the quality posts.

    And once again, congrabulations!

  13. I agree with Wanda, it’s like keeping in contact with an old friend. Please don’t stop. I like reading your post, sometimes just saying hi is good enough.

  14. I’ve been reading your blog for years. (Not 8, however!) If you only did Facebook or whatever, I wouldn’t be able to read your stuff anymore because I choose not to get involved in all that nonsense. (Do I really care what anyone’s status is? Or if they’ve had lunch? Or they’ve gone to the movies??)

    Please keep the blog up. It makes me laugh! (When appropriate.)

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