Baptism Under Fire

As severe weather goes this was a moderate event. That was good for me. I had no trouble with the meteorology, but I’m still getting used to the equipment.

I’m typing this with one eye on the radar. We’re in the middle of a severe thunderstorm watch, though severe thunderstorms seem less likely through the rest of the evening. Flooding on the other hand is a more pressing problem. From the Naugatuck Valley into the Middletown area some cells moved slowly enough to cause trouble!

The term is “training” when storm cells follow storm cells over the same path. We had plenty of training.

As severe weather goes this was a moderate event. That was good for me. I had no trouble with the meteorology, but I’m still getting used to the equipment. I made calls to Rachel Frank and Dan Amarante who were both able to point me in the right direction when I got lost!

After decades of using weather graphics gear from one vendor I’m now using equipment from their competitor. Both do most of the same things, but force you to jump trough different hoops to show it on-air.

I’ve felt comfortable here from day one, but with today’s event I’m feeling more confident on the equipment side. That’s a big deal and it makes today’s storms a confidence builder going forward.

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  1. Middletown got pounded wickedly! The rain has somewhat subsided by now (6:50 pm) but there is still thundering.
    I NEVER saw my street flooding before! It was creepy. It was such a warm and cozy feeling to have you around during awful weather this time!

  2. That’s good, Geoff. Those of us who are on the other side for the TV screen watch you do your thing so professionally. We understand (vaguely) some of the meteorological work you go through, but never think of the technology of using the equipment. Glad you have gotten comfortable with it. In another 6 months, you’ll be explaining it all to Rachel and Dan! Keep your phone charged!!!

  3. We have fared relatively better here in OS than most of the state…just a few sprinkles this morning and so far….nothing…..still waiting so I don’t have to water the garden or fill up the pool……

  4. Lovely wonderfully melodic thunderstorm here in Madison…ominous dark skies, pounding rain, melodic tappping of rain on the window ACs, perfect for a Friday night in front of an NCIS marathon!

  5. Have you had any news out of Seymour? Rt8 is closed from exit 22 (downtown S) to Exit 23 (Beacon Falls). Rt 67 is gridlocked and flooding and some of roadway and smaller bridges just off 67 (south) have been washed out. My sister lives down there and can’t get to her horses (on Woodbridge/Seymour Line. Ch 8 has some pictures that folks have sent in, just wondering if you folks up there have gotten anything. I have friends in Thomaston who work in Seymour & Fairfield, and neither have made it home from work (as of 8PM).

  6. Geoff, I have followed you from 8 to Fox. I love your weather reporting and your blog. Unfortunately Fox unethically aired not once but twice the tragedy of the father at the Texas Rangers game. This is so upsetting. The family and Nolan Ryan clearly asked for all news organizations not to show the fall out of respect for the little boy who was standing right there. I have watched many news accounts today and no one aired the fall except Fox CT. Thank you for your work. I will write to Fox CT as well.

    1. I have responded to Tim via email and moved his concerns forward. As you all know this blog isn’t connected with FoxCT.

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