Rainbow Over Hartford

“Who wants to see the rainbow,” I asked? No takers. I knew this was the perfect setup.

I was sitting at my desk when I was called over to the window. No, not another train. It was a rain shower gently falling while the Sun was shining in the west.

“Who wants to see the rainbow,” I asked? No takers. I knew this was the perfect setup. I walked through the newsroom and down the hall to our east-facing terrace.

This rainbow (and the hint of a second one) was strong enough to easily be captured by my cellphone’s camera.

8 thoughts on “Rainbow Over Hartford”

  1. I love seeing rainbows – they don’t happen very often here – we didn’t see one in New Haven (and I was looking for one!)

  2. Rainbows are so nice. I have a great picture of one I took a few years ago over the Stop and Shop in Hamden, near Skiff Street. It was perfect.

  3. That’s funny…. I went outside about 45 min ago just to see it. People can’t figure out how I know just where to look. My friend across the street saw me and said ” You didn’t even look around, you knew just where to look”

    1. Sun low in the sky (42 degrees or lower)
      Sun behind you
      Rain in front of you

      It works every time. Thanks laws of physics.

  4. Geoff…I love the rainbow, but if you could please give me (or at least give me directions to) the Pot o’ Gold, it would be greatly appreciated…I will even share with you and Helaine 🙂

  5. Thanks for posting this! I was telling my children yesterday to be on the lookout for rainbows because it was raining and the sun was out at the same time. As we were in the car, it was difficult to look in the right spot, but I showed them your photo this morning and they are amazed!

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