Truth And Lies Together Again

This is the “Wonder Bra” for picture hooks. They have all been corralled into one end for maximum effect.

Helaine was at the craft store yesterday. We needed some hooks to hang pictures and sure enough there they were. Mission accomplished.

Take a look at the package. That box should hold a lot of hooks, shouldn’t it? It’s true it says 20 pieces, but it’s the box you’re really seeing.

Now I’ve removed the cardboard so the package is clear. All of a sudden twenty pieces look awfully lonely!

Here’s the payoff.

The cardboard is fashioned in such a way as to maximize what you see! This is the “Wonder Bra” for picture hooks. They have all been corralled into one end for maximum effect.

Is it lying? Is it the truth?

It’s both at once, isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “Truth And Lies Together Again”

  1. It is the package has to be big enough so that those that steal it can not easily do so….the little things like that walk or cause lots of “shrinkage” because they are stolen so often. So it is environment vs shrinkage….strange world we live in.

  2. Not only truth and lies but also very wasteful as far as the packaging. Do they really need to use all that plastic? Why not put the hangers in a small paper envelope inside the box and have a picture of the hangers on the outside of the box.

  3. I’m having a hard time believing there’s 30lbs worth of hangers there, or that they are museum quality. they look like pretty ordinary hangers to me.

  4. Packaging woes aside, those are THE BEST hangers! I’ve used them for all of my pictures & they really do hold up to 30lbs.

  5. Shrinkage cannot be that big an issue with a package of picture hangers that retail for probably less than $2. But I agree, crazy world we live in…….I guess if it can be stolen, it will be…….But in reality when you look at that, I can easily fit even that package in my pockets……….and I don’t wear those oh so stylish baggy hang off your ass jeans…… My first thougfht was all the extra cost in the packaging and the environmental effect when we throw it away……….I bet if they cut the package size in half, the price might go down??? Even if it didn’t, we are being kinder to Mother Earth !

  6. Besides, if the packaging were smaller, it could easily be misplaced. Now what *I* hate is getting a bag of chips and the bag is already half empty… 🙂

  7. What I detest is not being able to buy a pound of coffee anymore or a half gallon of ice cream to name a couple of product. Packaging keeps the price down. Who do they think “they” are fooling?

  8. Geoff, why are you not out at dog shelters looking for your new best friend???? Get wth the program here, many of us are rooting for you and Helaine and that lucky dog that adopts you!!

  9. I feel it is very obvious what you were getting. Personally, they could have possibly saved money by using smaller packaging, but no misconceptions here.

  10. Patrizaki,
    You are right. The other problem with the smaller packages of food are the old recipes are written assuming ingredients come in the same size package as previously. Jello, ice cream, tuna, soup etc.

  11. Try ‘Hercules Hooks’- work great!!! And Happy Birthday!!!! So happy that you have found a home at ‘Fox on Fox’.

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