A Night At The Sun

The players were too anxious to play–loose. I stayed very tight and waited to pick my spot.

“We’ll spend the night at Mohegan Sun, OK?” Helaine was letting me in on her plans for last night. This conversation took place a few weeks ago. My Cousin Melissa was coming to Connecticut. Melissa is Cousin Michael’s wife and Helaine’s defacto sister.

I headed out last night after the 11 O’clock news to meet them in Uncasville.

Mohegan Sun is 45 miles and 45 minutes from Hartford down Route 2. If there’s a darker more desolate divided highway in Connecticut it can’t be by much!

I met Helaine around 12:20, put my stuff upstairs and headed to the Poker Room. Poker is at the far end of this gigantic casino. It might as well have its own area code!

Considering it was after midnight on a weeknight the place was hopping. I bought some chips and sat down at a $1/$2 table.

By the time Helaine and Melissa came to fetch me it was around 3:00 AM. I had more money than I started with. I had also realized how much I miss being able to play poker on a nightly basis over the Internet.

I love playing poker. The table at Mohegan Sun was fun. The players were too anxious to play–loose. I stayed very tight and waited to pick my spot.

We spent the night then went for breakfast (OK, early lunch) at the buffet.

Years ago we ate at the buffet and were disappointed. No more. It’s been rebuilt and is comparable to the Mirage Buffet in Las Vegas. That’s good company to be in.

Quick turnaround. I’m already back at work.

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  1. When I was back in Connecticut a couple of years ago, I went to the buffet at the Sun and was very dismayed at how the quality had taken a nosedive. I’m glad to hear it’s rebounded. If/When I ever get back there I’ll give it another try.

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