Dinner At The Place

As you watch the show that is food prep you’ve got to wonder, what would happen if OSHA ever came to this place?

If you watch Food Network any length of time you know every region has its own eclectic dining experience. It’s the kind of place no one would set out to design. In fact it is the antithesis of design! Our one-of-a-kind place in Connecticut is “The Place” on the Post Road in Guilford.

The Place is open air. You sit on tree stumps! If there’s rain you should hope there’s no wind because the only cover is tenting–when necessary. The grill where all the cooking takes place is built from cinder block and brick.

“The Place” serves lobster, clams, steak and corn all grilled over open hardwood flames. Yeah, grilled lobster! It’s crazy good!

Helaine and Cousin Melissa went to The Place Tuesday. They liked it so much they asked if I’d go Wednesday? They knew what I’d say long before the question was asked!

As you watch the show that is food prep at “The Place” you’ve got to wonder, what would happen if OSHA ever came here? Can inspectors be held at bay with drawn butter?

16 thoughts on “Dinner At The Place”

  1. Actually Geoff it would not be OSHA, it would be a State of Connecticut Health Inspector. If they’ve been in business for any length of time, I’m sure they have had a visit. The food looks great…thanks for the pictures.

    1. No Patty – it looks clean and healthy. It just looks dangerous, especially working with that open flame. I’m positive they know what they’re doing.

  2. I live in town, but prefer Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale in Madison or the Guilford Lobster Pound behind the Guilford Mooring Restaurant at the town dock.

  3. I love “the Place” and I would also have to second J. ainsworth’s opinion of Lenny & Joe’s fish Tale – Great!

  4. We haven’t gotten to ‘The Place’….want to…. But we really like Lenny’s at Indian Neck in Branford. We’ve gone there for 30 or more years….it’s always good!

  5. The Place was my wife and I’s favorite summer hangout. It has been there for quite along time now and is still a great place to eat, but I have to agree about Lenny & Joes. I go to the one in Westbrook

  6. wife and i went there years ago,menu was much smaller. they had a fat cat walking around the tables with a big smile on hes face hahaha

  7. One of my favorite places on the planet to eat with a group of friends. I love how they let you bring your own sides, drinks etc. … it’s a picnic where they’re working the grill. Love it.

  8. Geoff,
    My husband and I celebrated either our 10th or 15th anniv. there. We invited all of our families to join us and picked up the tab. (We had eaten there on a couple of occasions, so knew the drill.) We supplied our own wine and glasses,(plastic) and also dessert. We had a blast. Our anniv. was Aug 12th, and the weather cooperated. I had planned to repeat this for our 25th but our dgt. had other ideas and had everyone to her house—for the same—Lobster or Steak dinners.
    You brought back such fine memories. Three of the people who attended the bash at The Place are gone now, and that includes my husband. It was such a treat for us to be able to give back, at the time, as we were blessed and supported through the years by good friends and family.

  9. I used to work near The Place and the aromas from there would drive us all wild so it became our Friday night dinner hangout. I like Lenny and Joe’s as well, but eating at The Place is a different dining experience which adds to the appeal along with the great food.

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