From PBI Gate B1

Early at the airport has its advantages. I’m sitting close to an electrical outlet.

My trip to Florida has been very brief. My sister and I came down to see our parents and attend to family matters. It was great to spend time with our folks. Everything went very well.

Trudi and my brother-in-law Jeff are already on their plane heading to Detroit. From there they fly on to Milwaukee.

We drove to the airport together meaning I’ve got plenty of ‘quality time’ here at Gate B1. My plane doesn’t leave until after 3:00 PM.

Early at the airport has its advantages. I’m sitting close to an electrical outlet. If you’re a frequent traveler you know how important that is. I’ve got I’d like to have a fully charged battery for my WiFi enabled flight.

I’ve also got a decent view of the concourse. I just watched Sully head into Burger King for lunch.

Please–no arterial blockage while you’re piloting my plane, OK?

If everything goes according to plan I should be home and kvetching to Helaine about how tired I am by seven or eight.

5 thoughts on “From PBI Gate B1”

  1. I love flying except going through security. I thought Sully retired. No? I have never had the opportunity to fly out of White Plains. Heard parking is a problem. Hope your parents are OK.

  2. Wave to my mom when you depart PBI–she still lives in the family home just south of the west end airport.

    She refers to take-offs while we are on the phone as “hold on, there’s a plane coming through the house again”

  3. I hope Sully finished his Whopper before the flight. I know it is hard to eat and drive, can’t imagine eating and flying. Curious, does the modern cockpit have cup holders?

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