Outside On My Deck Tonight

In fact I’m going to write this blog entry from the deck off our kitchen/family room so I can give you a better feel.

I know most of you don’t go out late at night. It’s really quite amazing, especially out here in the country. In fact I’m going to write this blog entry from the deck off our kitchen/family room so I can give you a better feel.

This is the first house I’ve ever lived in. It is the antithesis of the tiny “2-fare zone” apartment I grew up in!

It’s a cool August night. Mid 60&#176s I’d guess. I haven’t looked in a while.

The air is not still. There is a very slow, but steady breeze. It’s unusual to get sustained wind this light especially in august when the trees are loaded with leaves.

The air is dry tonight. It’s remarkably dry for a mid-summer’s night. The atmosphere has to be in nearly perfect balance for this to last… and it never does.

The night is not quiet! Surprised?

There are insects and they are active! If you listen carefully you quickly understand though it’s a chorus of sound, it’s impossible to split out individual insects. Think curtain of noise.

Once or twice a night we’re overflown by a lonely prop plane. They’re twin engine jobs, but not large. They’re probably flying bank checks or laboratory samples to be tested. This is what and when they fly.

I’ve also see jets on their way to Europe from JFK. By the time they’re over my house they’re at cruising altitude and inaudible behind nature.

It’s a bright night. The Moon’s almost full. That dims the stars. Not everything is romantic.

I’ve been nocturnal since I was a teenager. I thrive at night. I wish I knew why?

12 thoughts on “Outside On My Deck Tonight”

  1. Both of my boys turns nocturnal in their teens – the oldest because of the rigors of college, and my youngest because he was (and still is) somewhat of a rebel. It’s something you kind of grow into.
    As long as it doesn’t disrupt what you do and how your life and work go, go for it!
    Enjoy your night, Geoff!

  2. I’ve always been nocturnal too. I think we’re born as either morning people or night people. I’m in the city but its still a beautiful night. I can hear lots of insects too between the sound of occasional traffic. Maybe I prefer nights cause its quieter?

  3. The perseids will be in full force tonight and tomorrow, hopefully you’ll have clear skys. Even with a full moon you should be able to see a few of them.

  4. I think you should gather together what you write and publish it as a journal. For the last few weeks I’ve been hearing something at night that at first sounded like animals breathing. As I kept listening, I identified it as a chorus of frogs or crickets or something. It starts at dusk, but is most noticeable when the house is silent. It’s not quite the usual cricket sound, but I savor it as part of summer.

    Hey Geoff, do you have a garden at home, too? I think a good part of the success of the one on TV may be the excellent soil and fertilizer that was brought in, plus the location and good weather conditions, added to the care you’re giving it. Mine’s doing well, too, but so is the poison ivy, as I found out after weeding adjacent to it in one of my flower-beds!

    Enjoy the summer nights….they flee too fast.

  5. Last I looked up, (around 10:30ish), there were a few broken clouds overhead, with the full moon still behind the trees. I think I’ll put a lawn chair over on the grass and see if I can see any of the meteor showers tonite. So often, we are clouded over. I live in an area with a small wooded lot next door, and roomy back yards. On cooler nights I can hear the drone of traffic on both Rte 8 and 84—hear the trucks changing gears to make the hills.
    The tree frogs and critters are chirping–the cicadas not so loud these past 2 nights. Last night while taking the dog out and scanning the perimeter for skunks etc.,(I have a cairn t.) we flushed up a bird from the grass. It spooked me at first, but by the time I could point the light toward the Rhododendron bushes, it was hidden from view. Didn’t bother the dog much–he was too busy sniffing for other goodies in the grass–something to roll in, before going to bed!
    We are indeed, having a nice old fashion summer, and I am enjoying every minute of it, and hoping we can hold on to the heat for a while longer—or at least til my squash and cukes can ripen–they are still at blossom stage, as I planted real late. Enjoy the peacefulness of a summer nite, Geoff–hopefully the mosquitoes will stay away.

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