Photos Of The Cute Bunny In My Yard

I made it to the front steps just as the bunny took off. He wanted a little cover and protection. He found it alongside a large rock in my neighbor’s yard.

Four words: “Is that a bunny?” As soon as Helaine asked it I was off… not toward the bunny. I was heading upstairs to get my camera, plug in a battery and switch lenses.

“God,” I said to myself, “I hope he doesn’t have a short attention span.”

I made it to the front steps just as the bunny took off. He wanted a little cover and protection. He found it alongside a large rock in my neighbor’s yard.

Our rabbit friend sat graciously as I snapped away and closed the distance between the two of us. Finally he’d had enough and was gone.

Here are my three best shots.

13 thoughts on “Photos Of The Cute Bunny In My Yard”

  1. It must be the year of the Bunny. After living in the same house for over 40 years, this year I have bunnies in my yard. Usually just one, but every once in a while a friend comes along, too.

    I see them when I come home from work at night. After a long day at work, it’s relaxing to see that bunny ‘having a snack’ on some of the grass and wild flowers growing on my lawn. I’ll sit in my car and watch them for a bit, because I know as soon as I open the door, off they go.

    Maybe your fuzzy friend will be back, too.

  2. We constantly have bunnies in our yard. In fact we have a nest(?) of them next to our deck this year that our dog discovered. We had to put a makeshift fence around it so the bunnies could get out but dog could not dig it up, again.

  3. We have bunnies in our neighborhood as well. Cute little creatures but boy oh boy does my shoulder hurt when my dog sees them before I do and yanks me down the sidewalk in her effort to get to chase them!!! We also have deer, unusual for the neighborhood, and they are eating the Hosta plants! Interesting season for wild life in the neighborhood.

  4. Those shots are great…specially the one were he’s in the air…but to be able to take pictures of wild animal like that is not easy…glad you had a chance to get these…Just so you know, your camera should always be ready for shooting, cuz you never know what are you going to get next…maybe a hummingbird???

  5. If you want animals, come on down and set up in our yard. Occasionally see rabbits (I have a bad feeling that they tend to meet up with coyotes), skunks, raccoons, foxes, the previously mentioned coyotes… Oddly, there was a box turtle in the yard awhile back (seen several times over a couple days.) The woodchuck is here more than he isn’t, and we’ve had two different momma deer (one had twins with no spots, the other had one baby with spots) within the last week. We’ve also got plenty of hummingbirds.

    I’m still waiting for a bear to show up. It really wouldn’t surprise me. 🙂

  6. Its a good thing your garden is safely miles away in Hartford!! Those cute fuzzy bunnies destroyed my garden this year. I have never seen so many. It is truly a year of rabbits for some reason.

  7. I just saw these pics tonight. When I lived in Shelton, I’d see a rabbit once in a very blue moon. In East Haven, we barely saw squirrels, never mind rabbits, because of the neighbors big (outside) dog. We moved to Wallingford and landed in Eastern Cotton Tail land! We have lots of bunnies, which of course means we also have Red Tailed Hawks. 🙁 Love the bunnies while they last.

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