Ciao Irene

I don’t have to hold a mirror under your nose. You’re breathing, right?

The end of the rain is moving across Long Island Sound. The wind is still whipping, but it will fall soon. Hurricane Irene isn’t a hurricane anymore.

I don’t have to hold a mirror under your nose. You’re breathing, right?

High tide has now passed. That problem is over.

Rivers are very high. Some brooks, streams and even moderately large rivers are flooding. I just helped dispatch a crew to the Pomeraug River in Southbury.

Over 500,000 Connecticut homes and businesses are without power. Some of those are a few line breaks away from electricity. It will be days until that’s restored.

It could have been worse. It was still pretty bad.

10 thoughts on “Ciao Irene”

  1. Looking out at all the cleanup required. Tree limbs everywhere! Even a 1/2 tree. But no full tree and none hit anything important. LUCKY!

    Any idea how power restorations are prioritized?

  2. God job done on Fox network. We lost power for only 2 hours from 3 to 5 am. I had the generator ready but, didn’t need it. Stayed in so I have no images of the area. I’ll leave that to the experts.

  3. Thanks Geoff, in Middletown and without power since 3:00 am so no tv or map to see where Irene was, glad is almost over. No damages where i am but I work at NU and yes, it will be days before we get power back. It’s really bad out with trees and wires down everywhere… You’ve done a great job keeping us informed. God bless

  4. Good Job Geoff. We always knew we could count on you. It looks like the sun is trying to come out, getting brighter anyway out my window.

  5. Thank you for all your tireless hours of work tracking Irene and keeping us updated. I hung on your every word. I was up most of the night listening to a tree slowly fall down. With every gust of wind you could hear it crack a little more and then eventually the whole thing went down. I’m just glad it didn’t hit the house. Goodbye Irene!!!

  6. Geoff, everybody been talking about how long the power would be out ,havent seen anyone talking with AT&T or any of the cable companies , sure all the wires are down also I know everyone has cell phones now but would be good if someone at the station could get in touch with thoes companies as well and see how they stand as to getting service back and bring it up on the news.

  7. Glad I can follow you here no power in Woodbury. We have a genarater but it is for the basics .I wish I had my tv. Please not days without power I run our business from home and it will be tough but thats mother nature

  8. Kudos to CL&P who restored our power here to me in Cheshire by 5PM (we had lost it at 7AM), I am extremely surprised that those crews were able to do so, and here’s hoping everyone else’s comes back very soon. I had a 100 foot treen fall in my backyard, 10 feet from part of my house, so I am very grateful that no damage. However, my across the street neighbor was not so lucky, they have had to vacate as a 3 foot in diameter tree fell across the front of their home, crushed it and pierced through the roof on the 2nd level. Many cars have been driving by all day looking, taking pics, and video. I am grateful that although a tree fell in my yard, nothing was hit.
    All the utilities have a presence at the Armory in Hartford and they are assessing the damage. Someone here asked about AT&T – they have said about 2000 poles damaged and cell towers as well. According to a news report, they did say they are calling in crews from other states.

  9. 13 hrs still no power, lost at 7 am, no major damage just some branches down in yard, Caught your broadcast last night, via the web site, cablevision still is not carrying your station, stopped on 8/24 Thank the web master for the web feed for us fairfield county viewers.

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