For Tallulah It’s “Lockup: Extended Stay”

Her text message was optimistic. The next open seat isn’t until that same flight tomorrow.

Tallulah is enjoying her stay at Casa del Zorro or Maison de Renard. We’re quite international. Actually, with her being a dachshund maybe I should say Haus Fuchs. Anyway, she’s having a good time at the Fox House. We haven’t yet run out of carrots.

She was supposed to leave this evening. Tracey was supposed to fly back from North Carolina and fetch her. That’s not to be.

I got a text message from Tracey early this afternoon. It began with your favorite four letter Anglo-Saxon curse word (which I won’t print). She continued…

USAirways! My flight’s been cancelled. I’m fighting with ticket people. I won’t be in until midnight tonight if they ever get me on another flight.

They told her there was a tire problem on their morning flight out. Her text message was entirely too optimistic. The next open seat isn’t until that same flight tomorrow.

Tracey was primed for battle. USAirways had already lost her bags on the way down! Unfortunately passengers have already been stripped of any power. Airlines hold all the cards.

She says she’ll never fly them again… but never is a really long time. USAirways understands that part of the equation better than their customers do.

Having Tallulah another day isn’t much of a problem. She’s not very needy.

5 thoughts on “For Tallulah It’s “Lockup: Extended Stay””

  1. There’s a doggie out there who needs you! Look for a rescue.

    I don’t fly anymore. It’s too much hassle. Takes too long, too unreliable and uncomfortable. Trains are great. Yes, they sometimes have problems too, but nothing like the airlines. And yes, travel might eat up two days instead of one, but so might the plane. At least you know that ahead of time. With a book, iPad, or some work to do, the time can be productive and even enjoyable since the seats are human sized, the view is great, and going for a walk is actually possible. The airline industry drove me away.

  2. I’ll bet it was an Airbus, probably A320. I don’t know what it is about those planes, but the few times I’ve flown on one, literally half the time I was delayed due to mechanical difficulties (all of those were US Airways, too). I fly Southwest almost exclusively now, and have never been delayed and always arrive on or ahead of schedule.

    Cute dog.

  3. Haus Fuchs, eh? My maiden name is Fuchs and my father is from Queens. Some people of his father’s generation changed their name to Fox. Anybody named Fuchs in your family?

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