Milwaukee. November. How Bad Could It Be?

Yikes! What the hell were we thinking?

The Fox family is small. My parents have two children. Helaine and I have one. My sister has three (plus two grandchildren). We’re all getting together around Thanksgiving at my sister’s place in Milwaukee.



How bad could it be?

I went to the new site which summarizes average daily weather in text form.


The temperature typically varies from 32°F to 38°F and is rarely below 19°F or above 50°F. The coolest hours of the day are from 2am to 9am with the coldest at 7am, at which time the temperature is below 38°F three days out of four. The warmest hours of the day are from 11am to 4pm with the hottest at 2pm, at which time the temperature is above 32°F three days out of four. The day has gained half its heat by 10am and lost it again by 7pm.


The sky is typically mostly cloudy with 93% of the sky covered. The sky is 76% covered (partly cloudy) or cloudier three days out of five. There is little variation in the cloud coverage over the course of the day.


There is a 62% chance that precipitation will be observed at some point during the day. The average liquid-equivalent quantity of precipitation is 0.07 inches. Among only those days for which there is at least some precipitation, the average is 0.20 inches and the total rarely exceeds 0.47 inches. When precipitation does occur it is most often in the form of slight snow (43% of days with precipitation have at worst slight snow), moderate rain (18% of days with precipitation have at worst moderate rain), slight rain (15% of days with precipitation have at worst slight rain), and moderate snow (12% of days with precipitation have at worst moderate snow). Precipitation is observed with more or less equal probability throughout the day.


There is a 13% chance that there will be snow on the ground. The average snow depth is 0.5 inches. The snow depth is deeper than 0.6 inches one year in four and deeper than 1.5 inches one year in ten.


The wind speed is 11 mph on average and is rarely outside the range 5 mph to 18 mph. The wind speed does not vary substantially during the course of the day. The wind is most often out of the west (24% of the time), south west (18% of the time), and north west (17% of the time). The wind is least often out of the east (4% of the time).

Yikes! What the hell were we thinking?

12 thoughts on “Milwaukee. November. How Bad Could It Be?”

  1. What does it say about Florida then??? Oh wait, don’t look! LOL (I walked on Daytona Beach on Thanksgiving when I lived down there! And had the A/C on Christmas Eve :))

  2. Could be worse. You could be planning to visit Wisconsin in February.

    Milwaukee is a great city, though. Be sure to visit the Public Market while you’re in town.

  3. Look at this way. Just pray that Milwaukee has a better plowing system in place that Connecticut does, so if you do get smacked with snow, you won’t be spending one hour to drive about ten miles.

  4. Years ago, when I lived in NJ, my parents lived outside Utica, NY which is where Thanksgiving would be. Friends in NJ thought I was crazy because I always made sure I had snow tires on my car (it was long before all weather radials) before I made the trip up there. It paid off more than once!!!

  5. @G: Milwaukee’s plowing is terrible…at least it was when I was at Marquette. A friend and I were going to go out and do a location scout for a shoot that we had coming up that weekend, and we got about 2 blocks off campus and had to give up trying to get out there. Oh and this was in his Explorer that’d been fitted with the heavy duty package b/c his volunteer firefighter dad had used it as his response car prior to him getting it. (Still even had the lights on the front of it which was cool as hell, btw!)

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