We Walked In North Haven Today

We had around three thousand people today. It was as full as it’s ever been! It’s worth clicking on the streetview shot to see.

Today was the annual Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk to Cure Diabetes. It’s held in North Haven on Quinnipiac University’s campus. It’s pretty much the perfect spot.

Helaine and I got there around 9:00. The place was already filling up.

I’ve told the story before. Basically, I was introduced to JDRF and it resonated with me. I help publicize it when I can. FoxCT/WCCT ran a public service announcement for this event this year. That was very nice of my station and I’m proud to have helped make it happen.

On the day of the walk my job is to be your host, shmooze and mingle. We had around three thousand people today. It was as full as it’s ever been! It’s worth clicking on the streetview shot to see.

I try and say hello to as many people as I can. I’m like a pol running for office. When people ask I’ll pose for pictures. Whatever you want.

I also make the announcements from the stage. Johnny Rozz at Sound Spectrum comes with a full deejay setup. That makes it a lot easier.

I know a lot of people are bothered by crowds. Maybe it’s just something you get used to? Large groups don’t intimidate me.

Though the walk is three times around the campus most people do it just once. No one is checking. Everyone gives the full amount pledged. Don’t tell.

A number of people came to me this morning and said they missed me. That either means either they don’t know about my tumultuous winter or they haven’t switched.

Excuse me. Shameless plug follows.

All I ask is watch once. Take a test drive. FoxCT delivers a better assembled, more thoughtful newscast. We’re on at 10p and 11p every night.

If you can make the walk next year, I’d love to see you.

9 thoughts on “We Walked In North Haven Today”

  1. The iffy weather didn’t seem to keep anyone away! My daughter(s) walked while I was set up as a vendor (medical alert jewelry). I was amazed as always by the positive and strident spirit of the day. These walkers +are+ walking for a cure, and they mean it!

  2. Had to watch channel 8 news last night,all the rest had sports. Loved to see you doing a commerical on there for a dealership. It was “right in your face” and bet they hated that. Glad you are on Fox and bet they wished you were still with them on 8, too bad !!!

  3. Thanks for being so supportive of JDRF for all these years. I’ve been taking insulin for 48 years now, and still hope to see the day when it won’t be necessary. It’s a shock for a family to learn that their child has Type 1 — I still remember my mother crying as she told me. But the treatment — not a cure — has improved so significantly that we are living longer, more productiv, more “normal” (though I’m not sure exactly what that means) lives. JDRF has provided so much financially to the possibility that maybe someday there will be a “cure”.

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